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Roleplaying god, and resurrection side-quests.

Content of the article: "Roleplaying god, and resurrection side-quests."

I recently ran a modified version of the Venomfang encounter from LMoP, and I got a huge amount of help from lurking this sub, for which I'm incredibly grateful! It went off really well, PCs fell for Venomfang's blandishments hook, line and sinker, and barely pulled through a combat that went down to a couple of HP on each side. We ended the session with two PCs bleeding out (but healable) and two perma-cooked. The cleric has decided he's going to fall to his knees and beg his god (Chauntea, of life and agriculture) to intercede and revivify them. I figured it would be a nice story point, plus he's only half a level off getting revivify anyway, and they even have the diamonds, so I'm going to allow it (unless anyone has anyone horror stories or dire warnings!)

I've never run this kind of thing before, though, and I was wondering if anyone had any input what sort of quest or service a god would require? Obvious choice seems to be a fetch quest for some lost artefact, but my current thought is a more RP quest (since we've had a lot of fighting recently) where the cleric (and gang!) would be required to bring justice and absolution to an ancient order of Green knights, who have been rendered ineffective in the fight against evil by infighting, secrets, lies, honour and recrimination. It's basically a rip-off of Priest, by Matt Colville if anyone's read that! It's a very vague and diffuse idea atm though, so if anyone's got anything better, I'm very receptive.

Also, I've planned a one-on-one session with the Cleric, where he can make his case to his god (in a sort of outside-time trance type thing)… anyone done anything like that? I'm thinking she might chide him for lack of faith, turning away from the true path, all that sort of things… it would be nice to have some big revelation, but I'm drawing a blank! Any tips on how to roleplay God!?

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