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Roll on the Random Encounter table

>Be me, forever DM but I don't mind

>Early Pandemic, get bored and start a Friday Roll20 session with a bunch of rando's, request newbies since I like teaching people.

>Waterdeep: Dragon Heist from the top, never run it before, never played it before, seems pretty sweet.

>Have a group that fluctuates between 4-5 but always civil at the table, good group of people.

>Some drama outside the table but don't involve myself, let them work it out since it isn't related to DND.

>Decide to incorporate random city encounters for some SHENANIGANS

>First mistake.

>Don't plan beyond the encounters since, WHY?

>Second Mistake.

>In numerical order

>1. Pick Pocket.

>Decide to pick pocket of youngest player to intro him to skill checks, he fails.

>Takes a really really long time to realize he doesn't have any money now, can't buy anything, almost gets into a fight over buying a puppy.

>Move on, 3. Vagrant asks for money

>Youngest player recently came into money, throws a handful of GOLD COINS on the ground, starts a riot amongst vagrants. Can't go back to that party of the city anymore.

>10. Bird poo splatters on PC's shoulder. Same PC rolls this one THREE TIMES. Hilarious each time.

>13. An elderly NPC is being led forcefully down an alley, a discrete knife held in their back.

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>Players decide to intervene, mugger decides to run off. Artificer shoots him with brand new high powered pistol.

>No wait!

>19 on the attack, 10 on the damage. RED FUCKNG MIST.

>Players all arrested, use this as opportunity to force group to join Gray Hands, get out of jail free card.

>19. A frantic NPC asks for help. Leads the party to a presentation on why they should be a member of the party.

>Happens when a PC is by themselves. Laugh thinking they will brush it off.

>Adopt NPC.


>Give them their own apartment, and a job at the bar.

>20. An NPC hands out an invite to their birthday party. When the party arrives, they're the only guests.

>Without knowing the circumstances beforehand, the entire party buys the NPC gifts, spend almost an hour finding good deals and nice presents.

>Inspiration for everyone, tears all around.

Different table since the D20 table got old after a while.

>92. A mother with a baby in her arms runs up to you. She hands you over the newborn and screams: "I can't handle it." and runs away.

>I obviously didn't learn my lesson the last time.

>Party doesn't even attempt to return the baby, or seek out city watch.

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>Adopt baby for bar, make other adopted child the baby sitter, no questions asked.

Tonight is my last session with this campaign and this party. Told party to wait until tonight to make any decisions on staying or going for future campaign. First campaign I've ever gotten to finish. Some of their decisions have been questionable, but somehow they have all survived. Most level headed group I have ever played with. I'll miss any of them that decide to leave, and continue to bring shenanigans to any who stay.

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