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Romeo and Juliet but make it gay warlock-multiclassers I guess? part 2

Content of the article: "Romeo and Juliet but make it gay warlock-multiclassers I guess? part 2"

Resurrection, betrayal,

To recap continuation from here:

PCs are:

  • Loge the tiefling bardlock (the main actor here)
  • Blanche the human paladin
  • Tchelio the half-elf wild magic sorcerer
  • Nekrotzar the fallen aasimar death cleric.

Relevant NPCs are:

  • Sasha the aasimar paladin/warlock. Loge's love interest… just seen with another tiefling?
  • Brad and Samuel, human and tiefling necromancer respectively. I yoinked them from another campaign, origin story here if you're curious. tl;dr reluctant college-bro necromancers, they're dating, Samuel died once, otherwise just good supporting-cast himbos.

Blanche and Nekrotzar are hanging out at the inn one morning (Tchelio's player was gone) when they hear screaming and pounding on the door. It's their friend Samuel, absolutely frantic, holding Loge's dead body with a Luck Blade still sticking out of his chest. He had just delivered a note from Loge to Sasha when he saw Loge stop in a daze, then stab himself in the chest. Samuel shielded Sasha from seeing it and then ran his body back to the paladin and cleric– necromancers can't do legitimate resurrection, as much as he'd been trying, but maybe the holy magic users could…?

We flip to Loge's point of view. He wakes up in a desert– the first stop before a soul goes to the Lower Planes, in my universe– facing down the archdevil Nick Shadow. Shadow currently has control of Loge's warlock contract and his soul. Loge is adamant his friends are going to bring him back; Nick Shadow continues to taunt him. But they can't take him back– in my world, when a devil takes you down it's forever (i.e. if you've signed a devil/demon contract then only True Resurrection or Wish will work to resurrect you). Shadow brags that even if Loge's friends can bring him back, he'll simply use him to get to the rest of the party and punish them for not fulfilling the contracts they also signed. I'm just twisting every knife I've got available by this point. The party is LOSING it.

Back to the world of the living. Blanche tries to use Revivify on Loge– Samuel did have Gentle Repose and tried to save him as quickly as possible. Revivify doesn't work, and nobody has Raise Dead right now. Then Nekrotzar uses Detect Magic on the sword sticking out of Loge's chest– it's powerful, powerful Evocation magic. He pulls it out and tries to Wish. "I wish to cast True Resurrection on Loge," he says.

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Now– Nekrotzar and Loge have a complicated relationship. They're both chaotic neutral, they've gone into some PvP, Loge's taken the fall for some of Nekrotzar's crimes and mistakes and never fully reckoned with it. Nekrotzar has just used Loge's one singular Wish. Any pacts he still has when he comes back… he's stuck with them. But… he otherwise wouldn't be alive. They slowly start to make up and understand each other, through a few absolutely killer bits of party RP.

But this opens a gate for Loge in the afterlife, back to the mortal world. Its pull is strong. He turns back to Nick Shadow before he walks through it and says: "Let me make one last thing clear. Nobody. Owns. My. Soul." And he floats through the portal and back into his mortal body, waking up with his friends around him.

(There is a minor snag after this concerning Loge breaking a death-related clause in his fiend patron's contract. His main patron is gone, and he basically only has his bard powers at this point. He solves this in… an interesting way, but that's another story.)

Fast-forward a few days. Loge and Sasha have not talked; Loge believes Sasha is on a pilgrimage with the local temple. The gang has gotten themselves sucked into the colorful, lucrative, heavily WWE-influenced world of the city's gladiator circuit. They've made elaborate masks and new stage personas, as is tradition.

Their "heels" for one fight are a group called the Reaper's Boize, who march out to a bardcore version of Darude's "Sandstorm" (I'm going for max stupidity here). The announcer introduces them: the paladin, NIGHT KNIGHT. The necromancer, BONERAISER (complete with skeletons). And the tiefling mage, HELLCHAD.

Fight begins. Night Knight immediately goes after Loge, then pulls him in close and gasps. Loge recognizes their eyes. "Darling?" they gasp, before throwing off their helmet and announcing: "I can't fight this man! I love him!" Yep– it's Sasha. (I end the session here. Everyone hates me.)

Now… between sessions, I convince Nekrotzar's player that he should "yes-and" whatever happens next. He's a DM, he gets it. Table is set for maximum chaos.

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We pick up where we left off. "I can't fight this man! I love him!" In response, Boneraiser and Hellchad point at Nekrotzar. "Then join us on the dark side," growls Hellchad. At the same time, Nekrotzar gets a Message: "Krotzy! Bro! It's us, Brad and Samuel. If you join us then it's an even three-way fight. No homo, but we'll like… all split the winnings. You in?"

Just as I had hoped– Nekrotzar rolls with my plan and a three-way fight breaks out. Loge and Sasha team up. Blanche panics and attacks as few people as possible. Tchelio panics and attacks as many people as possible. (In particular, Tchelio has a longstanding beef with Brad. The party regularly argues out-of-game over whether or not Brad Is Good, Actually.) We spend most of the session in chaotic PvP and deep confusion as I sit behind my screen and cackle wildly. Everyone keeps switching sides and healing their supposed opponents. The winner ends up being… only Nekrotzar? (This is a great way to find out which of your party members are wildly OP. Turns out it's death clerics!)

End of the fight, everybody and their hired team medics heal each other. Everyone makes wild amounts of money off the audience's lost bets, Loge and Sasha reunite and talk everything out, Loge's new patron(?) finds all of this deeply endearing and wildly entertaining. Most of the party and allies make up; Tchelio is pissy for a while, until it turns out that the party can use this twist to swindle a local official out of a MacGuffin they need. (Full quest explained here if you're curious. I overshare on D&D subreddits, okay?)

So we continue on our quest, Loge/Sasha drama (mostly) resolved with the player very satisfied with the arc. Their patrons have beef, but that can wait. The party happily continues on Gimmicky MacGuffinQuest 2000 (today I made them play simplified D&D within D&D) until the next wild combination of multiple subplots.

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TL;DR: dramatic PC death –> Wish with complications –> stupid gladiator free-for-all –> happily ever after (for now).

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