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Rp metagaming or player curtsy?

Content of the article: "Rp metagaming or player curtsy?"

I've DM for over a year now. The longest campaign I've made is with the current group I'm with. All friends. Every player has a character with personal issues, struggles and inner demons. I push for realism in character development, long personal journeys that help cement and create bridges between the characters and the world they are in.

Small info dump. One character, played by a player who fixated on making an unbreakable character found himself bored of the character. After discussing with them what they wanted we found ourselves at an interesting crossroads. He had made his character well built for combat and survival but had no social skills and his character upbringing was brutal and unforgiving. We decided this worked in his favour as I pointed out his flaws. Once that was set, he began focusing on those flaws and finding ways to deal with it.

Current issue. Another player is getting annoyed at the player. Saying your characters anger issues are 'bad behaviour' is taking away from everyone else's characters.

Personally, I see this as a good thing. The players could take note of this and create content by just asking what is wrong. But instead they seem to withdraw and not interact.

During one session, after some combat, the angry character broke something important to another character. The item in question was part of his order, but it was broken because the character was angrily lashing out at it. The item had wounded another character. One important to the angry character.

It makes sense to me they'd lash out breaking it keeping it from hurting another, AND because they were sure this might have killed that wounded character. But the player whose item broke, got mad at the player, not the character.

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I'm at a loss what to do here, the angry characters player knew it was important ooc. And wants me to solve this issue. Is this an issue I should solve? They are adults, why can't they talk it out? I'm being forced to be a mediator to solve this. Its honestly not my job.

The angry player apologies and even said his happy to retcon breaking the item. But that won't fix this.

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