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Rules Lawyers Who Can’t Read

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Does anyone else ever have this problem? You have a wannabe rules lawyer that doesn't actually read the rules. I have this keep happening with someone I play with, and while I tend to be a rules lawyer too I also default to "The DM is literally God and can do whatever they want."

This has ended up happening a few times when talking about spellcasters, he'll say something like how his powergamed sorcerer could technically halt all of reality with their time freeze wizard spell and that wizards in no way shape or form compare.

When I tried to bring up a wizard can quite literally do anything another spellcaster can do in regards to a spell by using Wish. Queue a half hour argument about if the DM can just instantly hand-wave any wish as a no. I literally send him the wording of the spell that says if you use the spell in any of the listed ways it won't backfire, like for example, using it to cast a damn spell. So then he changed his tune to "Wish shouldn't be in the game cause you can just break the world by wishing swords were baguettes and armor into pudding." Queue him defending that as a low-scale alteration of reality, not literally redefining the laws of physics and literally the exact thing he said a DM could just wave away before he changed his side.

Sorry to rant, but the fact that with this same player I have had the same argument about if Wish can be used to cast spells without risk twice. Like having this argument seemed ridiculous once.

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Note: He also somehow misread Charm Person to not include the fact that if you or your party attack or are hostile to the target the spell breaks and it becomes aware that you charmed it.

Sorry DnD friendos, just feels way more toxic to rant to other party members. And it may be genuine mistakes on his part, but it wouldn't bother me nearly as much if he didn't feel the need to act like he's right even when he's wrong. Like with the Wish spell, when we literally put the words in front of him from the PHB that proved him wrong he just moved the goalpost to "The spell is stupid and overpowered and should be removed" instead of "Oh I don't play spellcasters much I don't really know the spell." Only caster I've seen him play is a warlock so he can min/max eldritch blast and then boast about how he could TPK everyone else solo.

Anyone else wanna share some of their not-horror stories, but definite pet peeves and time-sinks that happen around certain players? Like having to argue for half to one full hour everytime wish comes up because someone won't read the spell out of the book before arguing with someone who plays mostly Wizards and literally read their entire spell list.

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