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Sacrifice Hit dice to recover Sorc Points? (Short rest) plus a collection of Sorcerer fixes from over the years.

Content of the article: "Sacrifice Hit dice to recover Sorc Points? (Short rest) plus a collection of Sorcerer fixes from over the years."

The goal: My group is trying to find the right way to fix the feel and playstyle of the Sorcerer by rounding out flaws in little ways. Sorc is powerful but from feedback is less than satisfying as a whole especially at low tier play. We have collected the list of common complaints of the 5e Sorcerer and solutions from years of debate from many sites and compiled a general consensus from it. One particular fix with little feedback was as follows

So one thing we have caught in a very few threads buried deep in the internet is the idea of spending Hit dice on short rest to recover 2 SP, further leaning into the "magical blood" feel of sorc and maybe scaling to 3 at like 10. Any more might be too much.

The point of this is to let a sorc player feel like they have an option during short rests and there is a little risk/reward gamble here. Would limit it to Sorc hit dice only and prob set this feature at 5 to mirror Bardic Inspiration mechanics and make the dip for cheese to be a commitment.

We are also considering several other fixes to be applied but we wanted feedback on this particular nugget.

Thoughts on this?

Found a name on another site: Font of Life!



There are countless threads that want to change this class for the better without trying to be OP and we can always go read those for why the sorc needs fixes. It's fine if you dont think it needs any changes but my group and many others are not of that crowd. Multiclassing is its own broken mess of a problem and you can limit it to Sorc Hit dice only. The default for fixing sorc is MC and when you need that, there's a problem with the original kit.

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TL;DR: Spells Known, Metamagic Known, Sorc is just a crap wizard if they try to rival spells per long rest, only caster with nothing on short rest, tiny pool of Sorc points with a million ways to spend it, too many sorc builds are the same, Sorc is just moldy leftovers at this point thanks to being gutted from prior editions

(You can find SO DAMN MANY of these threads)



======Internet fixes for Sorc over the years=========

After a week of digging and research as to why we felt the Sorc was somehow off we made this collection of proposed fixes, these are all collected from suggestions from 5e's release to now.

The most common fixes are:

  • Multiclassing: Good for flavor, crap for balance. The only AL legal one. Full of gross cheese.
  • Spell Points: Hella strong and fun. YOU ARE THE WELL OF MANA! Easy to understand for gamers……But this gives more flexibility than many like to balance against
  • Bloodline or Domain spells: Fixes spells known problem. Issue here is giving just one or two per spell level up to 5 spells.
  • Know more metamagic: Bonus known at 3, 7, 10 and up. Fixes issue with being locked with expensive or crap choices. Also WOTC keeps giving MM options and most players will only ever get 2, mayyybe 3 choices since most games end around Tier 2 play (Level 7-10 range)
  • Move Capstone to level 10- Yay short rest. Level 20 capstone could reduce metamagic or pick signature metamagics. (Again, these are just copies of suggestions)
  • Bonus to Sorc Points (+CHA mod): Same fix that people do for Monks and for Monks a small bonus to Ki really helps open the doors for comfortable play with Subclass features eating your resources too. but see next point.
  • Short rest full SP recovery: Solves issue with fueling metamagic but then theres the create spell slots issue. Oft suggested are Cha mod or Proficiency per rest or knock out the spell slot creation for more versatility with the expanded metamagic options.
  • Class Variant options UA: Pretty damn great for spell versatility option, expanded spell list is kinda neat but the expanded font just compounds the issue of low class fuel. The metamagic is pretty nice, especially the swap element one. (Small shout out to the Ranger fixes in there. Hot damn those look nice. Fingers crossed for Tasha's Cauldron)
  • Miscellaneous: Little fluff buffs like Detect Magic up to CON mod per day (min 1) at level 5, a single Magical Secret at 10 or so to symbolize Sorc weaving magic as they desire but not stepping on Bard toes too hard. (3rd edition Sorc got chopped and doled out to all casters sans metamagic, only fair they could take nibbles at other classes features rather than only being METAMAGIC: the class!)


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Put it all together and there's a major balance nightmare. but we think with some select mix and matching of choices, there's something really good in there that is still balanced.

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