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Saga Forge Scribe Adventure Writing Contest – Submissions Now Open!

Calling All Bards: Do you like to craft epic adventures pitting brave heroes against fantastical odds? Have you been designing a dungeon for ages and just really want to get some meaningful feedback on it before you pitch it to your group? Or maybe you’re just really bored and want to escape to your own little universe for a bit where you only have to worry about goblins, dragons, and how much trouble the bard is going to get up to in the next tavern? Then have we got the competition for you!

Saga Forge Scribe is a not-for-profit creative writing competition for RPG one-shot adventures where you have the opportunity to enter your adventures before our panel of industry experts and compete for some great prizes including a custom Cthulhu themed DM screen (courtesy of Nerdy Chicken) and the chance for your adventure to be played on a Halloween Special episode of Adventurers Wanted. And the best part is you keep your rights to the adventure!

Contest Panel

Deren O. – Lead Designer of Legends of Avallen

Monty Martin and Kelly McLaughlin – Dungeon Dudes YouTube content creators

Sage Stafford – Show-runner for Venture Maidens

Jess Go – Game Designer, Content Creator, Show-runner

Leona Maple – Intersectionality Consultant & Sensitivity Reader

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Malcolm Trotter – Aka. Gentleman GM, Storyteller and Professional GM

Prize List

Grand Prize – Custom hand made Cthulhu themed DM screen, courtesy of Nerdy Chicken, which comes complete with LED lights, a dice tower and shelves to hold all your DM needs (RRP $765). Get played on a Halloween special episode of Adventurers Wanted (otherwise unaffiliated with Saga Forge).

Grand Prize

Runner-Ups (2x) – Set of pre-generated minis (RRP $50 each) from Gaming Geek as well as a PDF bundle including a copy of the Kobold Guide to Game Design, 2nd Edition, and the Kobold Guide to Plots & Campaigns courtesy of Kobold Press (RRP $25 a bundle)

Door Prizes – Purple Heart Dice Vault (RRP $100) courtesy of Wyrmwood Games, $25 Gift Certificate to Miniature Market, and digital game maps provided by 2minutetabletop.

This contest is Halloween Themed so be sure to submit your spookiest adventures. Submissions open August 14th @ 00:00 and close August 24th, 2020 @ 23:59 (Pacific GMT -7). This is to ensure we have enough time to screen & judge the adventures while also giving our streaming partners enough time to produce the episode for a Halloween release.

If you are looking for extra feedback from our great panelists be sure to check out the Critical Feedback options. *Critical feedback will not affect your ranking in the contest, this is just an option for those seeking specific or more detailed feedback regarding their adventures.

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See the contest website for all the exciting details and we look forward to reading your adventures!

*All RRP rates in Canadian Dollars.

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