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Sample Evil Faction(s): The Myrkul Triumvirate

Content of the article: "Sample Evil Faction(s): The Myrkul Triumvirate"

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I have taken the liberty of taking the Neutral Evil death domain deity, Myrkul, and made three villains who worship and serve him. Each villain has their own goals and weaknesses, and each one leads a certain sub-faction within The Myrkul Triumvirate.

High Priestess Canas is a Lawful Evil devoted servant of Myrkul. She leads Myrkul's Undead Legions, a group of necromancers whose aim is to glorify Myrkul, unify his church, and fully restore his divine power. Myrkul's Undead Legions will react positively to praise to Myrkul, will react negatively to disdain for Myrkul and his church, and will vilify those who vandalize Myrkul's temples. High Priestess Canas will be unfazed by the loss of her followers (save for great losses, of course), but may be broken by the loss of Myrkul's holy artifacts or the destruction of Myrkul's temples. Her methods will involve subtlety and will evoke the Avatar of Myrkul whenever she needs direct methods.

Qel-Droma is a Neutral Evil student of Myrkul. He is the wielder of ancient mysteries and magicks, and he leads the Death Sages, a relatively small sect of mages who study dark rituals to increase the strength of their spells. The Death Sages goals is to restore the former power of magic users from the ancient days, where mages had the power to force others to bend the knee, or become completely annihilated. Each Death Sage studies his or her own preferred magic school, but the school of necromancy is the most commonly studied school. The Death Sages react positively to knowledgeable responses (can be any successful intelligence check), and react negatively to ignorance. Death Sages will hunt down anybody who attempts to safeguard any knowledge. Qel-Droma's methods are usually direct necrosis and animated undead targeted at his enemies. Otherwise, he will sent assassins skilled in the Illusion school of magic to eliminate any perceived threat. Qel-Droma is slightly fazed for each high ranking Sage killed, as some of their knowledge will be lost, but is relatively unfazed about Myrkul's temples being destroyed (unless they had ancient knowledge and/or magic), and will be broken by the loss of powerful arcane lore.

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Lord Vion is a Chaotic Evil warrior who serves Myrkul. He possesses the greatsword known as The Veil Torn, which was used to destroy the veil in his former temple to Torm, and he rebuilt his temple in dedication to Myrkul, who blessed him with power and a longer life. Lord Vion leads his Horde, who he blesses with powers of the Undying patrons. The death of Lord Vion would result in the loss of his Horde's powers. Vion is not concerned with raising empires, but rather making sure the population remembers Myrkul's influence in their lives and their eventual deaths. While he possesses some divine magic powers granted by Myrkul, he often neglects it in favor of his artifact greatsword. Lord Vion reacts positively to the appreciation of strength, reacts negatively to any sign of weakness, and will vilify those who imply that he is weak (or at the very least, is not strong). His methods are the most direct out of the three leaders, and always involve direct attacks against his targets, whether they be personal, or with his Horde. Lord Vion's Horde is more loyal to Lord Vion himself than to Myrkul, unlike the other factions within the Triumvirate. By showing any weakness to Lord Vion's Horde, it can be possible to have deserters, despite those in the Horde losing some of their gifted powers as a result.

Feel free to use any one or all three of these villains for your next game, or even modify them to be part of your next character.

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