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Sea Hag Boss. Looking for thoughts on a social challenge, but also general commentary

So I’d like start with acknowledging Volo and themonstersknow.com for their guides on Hags.

Things I’d like help with. Thoughts on social encounters with hags. How do you convince her or an enthralled captain to give up the location of the goods? Any interesting / puzzle mechanics for the fight?

I’m currently running the Salvage Operation adventure for an overpowered party of 4 8th level characters. My niece and nephew have been steamrolling through the game for a good while, and I want to run an interesting fight that doesn’t drag on, and is an actual challenge.

We’ll be reaching the cargo bay tomorrow and I want to run kick ass boss fight, that also has some social possibilities. It starts like this.

“Approaching cargo bay, mist spills out. An errant strand of mist reaches out and and snuffs the torch, as the mist washes out of the room a bone chill runs through DC 14 CON save.”

When the players enter the hold, there’s a few old ugly Tortle ladies standing by a huge cauldron with steam wafting out. It smells absolutely wretched. This is illusion for 1 hag, with a cauldron billowing fog.

The Emperor of the Waves captain is happily drinking from a bowl and waves. The hag welcomes the players too, and offers them stew.

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This gives room for a social encounter with the Hag, who has hidden the Blue Steel crate the players seek. She and the captain know it’s been webbed onto the ceiling, but he’s enthralled. Hopefully the players can socially find the crate, free the captain, but I’m really hazy on how I want to run this.

Things will probably devolve into violence. Thought I’d give the hag a surprise water elemental, phase spider, and maybe a chull in addition to the captain.

Cauldron: Fog Cloud+ (heavily obscured area, fire magic suppression (wizard), disperses lightning (bard), blocks blindsight (ranger)). Stinking Cloud, octo-spider legs (30ft.) Spoctopus legs if you will.

Captain: water theme. Control Water (flood, whirlpool). Tidal Wave. Wall of Water. Maybe the paladin, or the bard can talk/anti-charm him out of being enthralled.

Hag: Entangle (seaweed theme), Agatha Armor (seaweed), Simulacrum (sea slime) Cone of Cold, Silent image, mirror image. Expeditious Retreat. Dominate beast (on pseudo dragon). 2x cast turns.

Vicious mockery “you haven’t got a sea leg to stand on!” ➔ boom instant Phantasmal Force (you’ve got no legs!) Pirate laugh track magic mouth flask (bard loot), VM now 1d6 instead of 1d4.

Hag Lair actions. I’m not actually entirely sure how these work, but I thought I’d let her take: Tidal Wave (str save) reactions to push players and block attacks, and area Hideous Laughter.

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Swarm of spiders trail from the ceiling, beyond count and beyond swordsmanship. Insect Plague spell stats. Happens the second players dawdle.

Encounter of course ends with an octopus. The captain will say something like “When Nature calls, run! (maybe whisper it) (quote credit to Selkie – Beneath the Dragonseye moon)

Last note, on loot. I want to teach them that you can’t always loot, and you don’t always want it. Pull from Volo hag objects, cursed slow and impediment effects. But maybe wouldn't mind throwing something else cool and portable in. Any thoughts on a social taks the conversation might take? Other nautical mockery?

The party has wizard with sus rolls (favors fire), Nature Pally (everyone +4 to saves), Bard, and Ranger (party blindsight pseudo dragon). I want to really challenge them and give them unique ways to shine while also countering some of their strengths (mostly via the cauldron).


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