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Secret Chest and Fabricate: Underappreciated Wizard Spells

Content of the article: "Secret Chest and Fabricate: Underappreciated Wizard Spells"

I’ve been playing a wizard for a while now, and was working towards 4th level spells with Fabricate in mind. She is a bit of a hoarder, and is focused more on utility than raw damage or enchanting etc.

I was shocked at the lack of content online about uses for fabricate, so I figured I’d share some ideas and start a discussion!

For those who are unfamiliar, fabricate is a 4th level transmutation spell which allows the user to take a few minutes to turn raw materials into an object made from those materials. You can turn wood or other organic matter like wool into furniture or clothes, while you can turn stone, metals, and other such mineral substances into any shape you see fit. However, making things with high levels of fine detail requires you to have artisan tools proficiency of the type of object you’d like to make, such as armor, weapons, jewelry, etc.

While there are obvious uses for this spell, like making a bridge out of wood, or becoming a one-person clothing-making machine, consider the vast possibilities of being able to not only permanently create something useful out of thin air, but how you can save on the labor of making objects if you collect a few crafting proficiencies. By which I mean, the cost of outfitting your party with good equipment and tools falls exponentially.

Notable examples:

  1. Plate armor ( normally 1500gp, but for the price of a bit of steel, you could easily deck out your party!) (any armors or weapons included)

  2. Locks, chests, barrels, and other expensive simple mundane items

  3. Spy glasses

  4. Spellbooks (nothing is to say that you cannot make a copy of your own spell book with this spell, which could save you at least much of the price of the raw spell book itself, allowing you to spend most of the money on inks. So you can have many copies of it lying around.)

  5. Clothing (become a fashionista! Express your character for pennies on the dollar)

  6. Vehicles (carts, boats, wagons, saddles. gliders?)

  7. Make statues!

  8. Catapults and battering rams!

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And so much more. It could even be fun to start selling your wares to undercut the local vendors, and lead to zany downtime RP with npcs.

Fabricate is really cool for use in downtime, and can be useful while adventuring too. Give it a try!

Another great spell is Secret Chest. I was reading this spell completely wrong for a long time since I never got to use it on one of my characters:

Secret Chest takes a 4th level slot to cast, but once you’ve cast it, it functions similar to Find Familiar, in that you don’t have to keep using spell slots to call and dismiss your chest. You can just do it as an action.

This is game changing, since I was under the impression that you would need to cast the spell once to call and once to dismiss the chest!

This opens up a lot of cool value for your character once you hit level 7.

You can safely transport your coin, magic items, and documents for instance, but you could also use this to be a thief. You can call your empty chest into a treasure room in some place, fill it, and put it back on the ethereal plane before you invisibility or dimension door your way out of wherever you were.

Another interesting case is when you want to permanently dispose of something. By ending the spell while your chest is on the ethereal plane, you can make your chest irretrievable. This is supposed to be a downside, but if an enemy needs a certain item to accomplish a goal, you can have a very expensive (5500gp worth of stuff) way to severely hamper their plans beyond the capabilities of most beings.

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Please leave your own ideas that you’ve had for creative spells like these! I’d love to hear it

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