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Seeking advice on a dungeon filled with fleeing enemies

Content of the article: "Seeking advice on a dungeon filled with fleeing enemies"

The next session in my current campaign will have the party sent on a rescue mission. A team of the city guard's most elite unit have gone missing in The Gnoll Pits, a rubble heap at the center of the city slums that is populated mainly by a Yeenoghu-worshiping street gang, and a rescue team sent to retrieve them went missing shortly after. The city guard (via an enigmatic mutual friend) will contact them and hire them to go and retrieve the missing guardsmen, or what remains they can if their fate is certain.

Guardsmen go missing in the most dangerous and violent slum in town, seems like a pretty open and shut adventure right? Well here's the twist, the demon-worshipping gangsters are themselves also under attack by a group of cultists who want to bring the entire city-state under the sway of Baphomet and are a recurring villain in the game and the cultists are the ones who attacked the guardsmen (wrong place, wrong time kinda thing) and intend to sacrifice them to mark their victory when they have finished off the gangsters.

So here's where I'm running into trouble. The session is basically set to follow this basic structure:

  • Party goes to slum and finds site of guardsman's last known location, uses tracking to discern where attackers took them
  • Find entrance in the rubble of The Gnoll Pits which takes them deep into the old warrens beneath the city, encountering (and fighting) fleeing gangsters and their pro-Yeenoghu demonic allies as they do so
  • Eventually find the last of the Yeenoghu-worshipping street gang's demonic champions as it is killed by a pro-Baphomet cultist, they proceed to fight what pro-Baphomet forces are left as the BBEG teleports out. Missing guardsmen are still alive and about to be sacrificed yada yada yada…
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How should I play out a dungeon filled with enemies who are fleeing the REAL threat downstairs, what motivation would they have to just not blow past the party and pay them no mind? Here are some possible ideas I have:

  • Have demons loyal to Baphomet in the hidden in the crowd, emerging to attack the players as they descend
  • Have the party encounter scenes of demons battling one another alongside their gangster/cultist allies at various "choke points" in the dungeon
  • Simply have the fleeing gangsters and demons so gripped with fear and adrenaline, possibly even madness given to them by Yeenoghu itself in a last desperate attempt to defeat the rival invaders, that they attack the party

Any advice from a DM that has kinda been in the same boat?

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