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Session Gets A Little Rocky: Advice requested

So, I am running a homebrew campaign for a group of my friends, and we just had our 4th session. I want to note that in this situation, there is no ill blood towards any players, and none towards me (I hope…) so this is not going in the horror stories subreddit. I just want some advice.

I had set up a small challenge before the end of our session with the party trying to enter a secret entrance to an assassins guild under the palace of a city, the capitol city of the district they are in. One of the players is a Construct Fighter, who has some issues with stealth. A couple guards saw the construct, and started to head over. After some shenanigans with a minor illusion failing to distract the guards, one of my friends decides to take matters into his own hands. Again, no ill will, and I am honestly proud because he is following what he believes his character would do, not just metagaming his opinions/actions… But, what he basically ends up doing is attacking one of the guards, knocking him prone, and he is playing a half-giant barbarian… SO he beheads the guard.

Now at this point, the night is getting late, I don't want to start a massive guard fight right now, so I say we will stop there for the night. But the thing is that these events have caused some emotional issues with the characters, with one of my friends saying the character he has wouldn't fit with the direction of the party, if they fight these guards, he would probably make a new character.

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So now I need some advice. The half-giant player is regretful of the actions, the party is all sort of in dismay of what's gonna happen, as am I. We were considering retconning the events to having the half-giant simply knocking the guard out instead of killing. I understand as the DM, it is totally my discretion, but I was wondering if there were any further opinions on this? Suggestions how you would handle the situation, and where to move forward. Again, there is zero ill will towards anyone, this is not supposed to be a horror story, just a road block that I want to get over as fairly as possible, with all of my players in agreement.

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