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Shadow Monk Cleric Multiclass Domain Choosing

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I just joined a new campaign, and I was planning to be a Shadow Monk for the whole thing. Then, after some thinking and a few sessions I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to dip into Cleric for 1 level. As a level 1 Cleric, I would get 6 spells (Wisdom is 20), 2 spell slots, cantrips, a domain ability, and 2 extra spells from my domain. I would basically be a Warlock (2 spell slots but all these spells to use). My character is a Level 3 Shadow Monk, Tabaxi, Sentinel (Background) Feat, Bounty Hunter (Mafia), and I'm planning to multiclass at Level 4, then continue to get my ki points on the rest of the levels. I want to be a utility caster who excels at combat and can help out-of-combat with these spells and stuff. For my character personality and in general what they do: They are part of the mafia, and are part of an assassin duo (partner is a rogue gnome arcane trickster with magic initiate).

Onto my question: What domain should I pick out of these three: Death, Grave, Trickery

  1. Death
  • Pros (2): Good Spells(1), Ability to use Necromancy cantrips to 2 targets(1) let's me cast Spare the Dying and Sapping Sting and Toll the Dead on two people (If two party members are unconscious, I can use my 80ft of speed to drag one to the other, and I'm using feline agility because dragging someone is difficult terrain, then I can Spare the Dying on both of them)
  • Cons(1): It's only that. Good Spells and Double Cantrip. Also, how frequent are two enemy targets going to be right next to each other? (1)
  1. Grave
  • Pros(5): Spells are alright(.5). Spare the Dying(1) for free. If someone is at 0 hp, healing spells have maxed dice(1). Also get Sense Undead(1). Thank you u/NelsIvarsson for informing me that "For you, it has a range of 30 feet, and you can cast it as a bonus action." for Spare the Dying. So that's like, 1.5 more pros. (1.5) Also, this makes the double Spare the Dying thing available in this domain, too, which was the only reason I was still considering Death, therefore, Death is now not an option anymore.
  • Cons(1.5): Not a big fan of Bane (1), especially when I only have 2 spells slots. We have a Cleric and I think they could deal with healing, but this isn't really a con. (.5)
  1. Trickery
  • Pros(4): Disguise Self(1) and Charm Person(1) are perfect for assassination and sneaky. Stealth Advantage (1) no limit on uses, so I can cast this on the whole party one by one so they can sneak through a place, and I can cast Pass without a Trace on me and the last person (the one with lowest Stealth or Stealth Disadvantage Armor) to sneak by. This fits my character a lot(1), but I'm a min-maxer at heart.
  • Cons(1): It's only that.(1)
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I hope you guys can help me make this choice, and if you have any questions that would help, I'll answer them. Thanks! If you have the time, you can also help me choose my 6 spells.

(The numbers near the Pros and Cons show the total Pros and Cons. The numbers in the explanation of the Pros and Cons are the actual points that add up to the total. (.5) means that it's not really a full Con or Pro, more in the middle.)

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