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Shenanigans of the Crab

Be Me: Cleric Companion (to my Barbarian PC) in a low-magic PF1 game where magical elements have slowly begun being added back in. Loads of house rules and custom stuff for this game. Human only up to this point.

Be Not me: My wife’s Hunter and her Leadership feat/ Hunter’s Bond “Companion”, a medium Copper “Dragon” (stats of a Roc with a few tweaks but allowed to take Sorcerer levels)

Be not us: Other PCs unimportant to this story.

Party is currently underneath a mine where we went digging for adamantine. We discovered a group of short hairy people (yes, dwarves) who were in chains that we pseudo-communicated with who were being enslaved by their evil cousins (yes, duegar). Over a couple sessions we broke some of them out, started a sort-of prison riot and started acting as special forces to their ‘army’ in order to try to free as many of them as we could.

This entire dungeon complex thing was basically run as mini-missions. Some heroic characters could do, others the army had to do. We could divide ourselves (4PCs +2 companions) into whichever groups we wanted to take out specific targets. Each group can do one thing each phase that are all happening at roughly the same time, so there is no chance for anyone to help at more than one spot.

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We’ve broken into the Industrial district and the army has been pushed back a bit but are holding while we manage to free one of the Dwarf King’s sons. GM explains we see a sort of metal barrel-shaped contraption with pincers moving on 6 legs towards the line to help push back our army. It’s an Apparatus of the Crab and is a new encounter we can deal with.

We decide we need to do something about that thing and after discussing the fact that the dragon’s claws, even with Bull’s Strength from the Cleric probably wouldn’t be enough to destroy it quickly, we decide to pull a Chewbacca. Dragon flies in badly and bounces off the face of the crab and takes a couple hits. Cleric (entirely out of spells and Channels, aside from 0s at this point) uses his rope to tie to two rocks to try to trip this thing, like that was going to accomplish much lol.

Dragon manages to pull open the hatch on the crab, grabs one of the drivers and tosses him out. Cleric promptly crits with his longspear (first kill for the character) while the dragon chomps the other guy. Cleric crawls inside, the Dragon ties the door shut with the rope and we slowly walk it back to meet up with everyone else.

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In the next phase we know we need to get a gate open back to the Slave District in case we need to make a hasty exit. As we’ve taken several gates already, we think we know roughly how it will be defended (4 archers on top of a wall) so we decide the Cleric will take the crab (again, he’s out of spells and he’s very bookish, so that’s the best way he can contribute) with the Hunter and go take the gate while everyone else does other stuff.

We discuss our plan of attack, but since the guards don’t know it’s not some of their people inside, then they’ll probably just open the door for us. The GM agrees. So we walk it right up inside the middle of the gate, wedge the claws into the door frames to help prevent the doors from being closed again, and the Hunter uses Disable Device to trash the controls on the inside of the crab before we jump out and run back the way we came.

So we didn’t actually get to use the crab to attack anyone, but we managed to take the gate without taking any damage.


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