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Should I kill a PC when the player defies a clearly way too powerful NPC?

Content of the article: "Should I kill a PC when the player defies a clearly way too powerful NPC?"

I'm very new at beeing a dm and this is my first campaign. We have so far been playing for a couple of month. The chracters have entered (kind of by accident) the lair of a evil secret organisation with a misyerious goal. The party met instantly with a very influancial NPC who has threatened them multiple times.

They had manage to gain part of his trust but have been very insolent abd the bad guy forced them to battle an NPC they had befriended. After a mild display of the bad guy's power (and 2 of his henchlen as well), they actually killed theire friend just to prove theire worth. AND YET. One of the PC was still very insolent towards the bad guy who proceeded to threaten his pet. He so decided to battle those overoowered NPC (a lvl 10 Rogue master of fear with a lvl 10 mage and a lvl 10 barbarian on the path of the titan. The 4 PCs are lvl 4.).

His pet fox died and he almost did too. The whole party was taken down and now some serious consequences are going to hit them. Did I do something wrong? Was it wrong to make them face an opponent who would try to bind to his cause with fear and would not be afraid to apply his threats?

The PC who's pet died didn't take it too well but what was I suppose to do when he attacked one of the main henchmen of the place, who has repeatedly displayed a great power compared to theirs?

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I think we've are good enough friends and he is used to dming so he understands how conseqyences can work, so there's not gonna be any bad blood. But still, it kinda ruined a plot hook the players really enjoyed at first. And now I have to drastically change the entire setting (the organization was planning on attacking the village from which the players come from. The players are gonna be dropped about a week by foot from the village so that they arrive right before the attack). I could really use some help as it happened yesterday and we are playing again in 9 hours.

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