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Should i modify any of these changes for our first adventure?

Content of the article: "Should i modify any of these changes for our first adventure?"

Hello new DM that keeps asking a lot of questions so thanks for all the help recently this is a longer one so bear with me. To start we're playing the lost mines starter module, the first week was super fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I did make a few modifications along the way and wanted to get some feedback on if these are appropriate or if i should tone it back.

  1. after the first goblin ambush near the mouth of the cave i added a row of white mushrooms with a faintly glowing red mushroom at the end. the party investigated and followed the mushrooms and had to fight the two goblin look out to get to the end. our sorcerer did and investigation on the mushroom and rolled a 3 so could only tell it was magical, our rogue rolled a 2 and could only tell it wasn't a mushroom he had encountered before. The cleric decided to lick the mushroom and rolled a 5 on his charisma check. Before he is able to lick the mushroom it transformed back to its original form of the druid from a later act. Due to the failed charisma check the druid is a little put off by the cleric but still heals the party back to full and grants an extra d3 worth of temporary health to all members of the party minus the cleric…because of the licking thing. I did this so the party wouldn't instantly wipe in the cave as everyone is brand new. I plan to have the druid assist the party in small ways up until they finally meet him in thundertree. Is this an appropriate change?

  2. I gave the party small stones in their pockets when the druid vanished all with a message they received via discord. The stones all told them different things like, "tell no one you have received the stone: and "you have this one but one close to you holds another, retrieve the stone without being seen". when the a party member breaks the order of the stone or tells another member the stone explodes for 1d3 of damage. To give the party an idea it was dangerous when the cleric told everyone about his stone his god sent him a message telling him to throw the stone quickly ( this was due to the cleric making an offering earlier to the god). The cleric threw the stone away from the party and it exploded. My idea is to give the party a reward if any of the stones survive to thunder tree. Should i do more with the stones or get rid of them or leave them as is?

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3.My cleric follows a pretty lawful god and attempted to attack one of his party members from behind because the party member annoyed him earlier. To avoid him killing a squishy rogue i had his god intervene and melt his offhand weapon during the attack, and the cleric realized this was a sign from his god. I was thinking because the cleric understands the game a bit more of giving them a quest to either "prove" themselves to their god or switch to a new deity that better suits there interests. Should i just let them continue with how they are and see if they fit the gods ideals better or should i give them a quest to make a new choice or are there just shitty clerics out there that love the god they follow but just cant seem to get it right?

To anyone that stuck with this i really want to say thank you. This has been an amazing help in starting up DMing.

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