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Siffress Zaff’s wonders of Artificing!

Content of the article: "Siffress Zaff’s wonders of Artificing!"

A hanging sign outside the building glows with the telltale dim light of magical tinkering.


Welcome to the Fabricatory of Siffress Zaff | Rock Gnome Alchemist Artificer Lv.14/Transmutation Wizard Lv.6

Here at Zaff Labs we’re hard at work putting the power of modern magic in everyone’s hands. What, haven't you heard? These days you don't need to spend years studying the arcane or be otherwise endowed to be able to cast spells! Artificing is a brand new discipline that can bring magic into your own home, and it's here stay.

We promise that when you leave with a Zaff product you are carrying a genuine product of advanced Artificing that is guaranteed to work anywhere!*

* terms and conditions apply see full contract or your DM for details

Each Zaff product is a spell-storing item lovingly crafted by one of our expert Artificers. Each one will let you, yes you, cast a powerful magic spell from two to ten times!

Provided you follow the provided directions, and you make sure to expend all uses of the magic before your negotiated contract date is up, Zaff products are a valuable and economical way to make your everyday life easier!

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Here are some of the latest wonders that you can purchase now from the Zaff line:

Heatcogs: This manufactured metal sprockets contains 2-10 charges of the spell Heat Metal.

Preheat your oven, stoke your boiler, do some quick smithing without having to worry about that pesky forge! The possibilities are endless with a Zaff Heatcog, but remember to concentrate.

Liftpunch: This metal pin has a blunted tip, and contains 2-10 charges of the spell Levitate.

Something heavy to move? Simply point, punch, and push it wherever you please! Operating a Zaff Liftpunch is as simple as 1-2-3, so while you’re using yours always keep in mind Mizzet’s Third Law!

Steelstamp: This un-inked stamp looks like an eye, and contains 2-10 charges of the spell Arcane Lock.

For all your security needs you can trust the lasting integrity of a Zaff Steelstamp, proven to make any closed door as strong as steel!*

* offer does not extended to door hinges, frame, or other supporting structure

Firebrush: This wooden brush with coarse bristles contains 2-10 charges of the spell Continual Flame.

Tired of bringing your lamp every time you go into the cellar? Do you have corridors to light, but the rising cost of lamp oil has you down? Look no further, a single touch up with a Zaff Firebrush and your home will have all your neighbours burning with yearning!

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Safespoon: This silver (plated) ladle contains 2-10 charges of the spell Purify Food and Drink.

Our proudest creation, the Zaff Safespoon contains a touch of radiant purity that comes with our promise to keep you safe. Useful any time that you suspect a chance of illness, or ill intention, at the dinner table!

When you purchase a Zaff product you have our customer guarantee that your spell-storing item will continue to function without error until the date in the terms of your pre-negotiated contract arrives or all uses of the magic in the item have been expended.

Thank you kindly for browsing, and be sure to return frequently for more Zaff innovations!

Zaff Labs is not responsible in any way for any misuse of, or illegal acts performed with, or while in the possession of, or aided by our products.

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