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Silver & Lead, our two new allies

Content of the article: "Silver & Lead, our two new allies"

Be me: Kin Kitsune Summoner, Saturo Kitsune Druid, Arallas Kin's Eidolon

Be not me: DM, Moon Song Ponykind Rogue, Hiss'r Drakeling Psion, Darius Forgeborn Psion, Ari Kobold Gunslinger

Session start:

Short discussion on our rout to back to the capital after our victory in the mines.

Going back the way we came and picking up delivery and escort quests along the way.

Out of character discussion of creating a floating cart to be pulled by Arallas.

Traveling along the road the sun goes down and it's time to camp.

d100 for random encounters… high/low roll high… 33. That's not high…

Party perception roll…

Clickity clickity clickity noises

Our rogue recognizes it as Thieves Cant

Moon asks if/how we should respond

Party votes no but now on high alert for the source of the Cant

Hiss'r finds Otters in a nearby river clacking on shells with stones to open them

Kin asks moon if the Otters are the source of the Cant… turns out yep Otters open clams in Thieves Cant

Moon comments in Thieves Cant… it gets their attention but their message doesn't change.

Moon asks how they know the language…

They reply!

They're apparently rogues.

Hopefully we don't get robbed by Otters, nobody would believe us.

Kin rolls Arcana to see what's up with this strange sight

Magical awakening… somebody awakened the otters. Welp time to watch for druids. … and the

Otters just swim off away from us. Whew.

We arrive at the town without disturbance and start collecting delivery quests.

Mostly letters to be delivered. Simple and easy enough. Hiring adventurers to deliver mail.

Odd a Silver Kobold wondering about and chatting with the people who've got jobs that need done…

Firearms… well that's unexpected little gunslinger lizard.

After a bit of watching the Kobold Kin hops off of Arallas and greets the Kobold.

Friendly gunslinger, ask why there in the little village

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Just finished a job and headed back to the capital.

Gunslinger comments on how all manner of unpleasantness is less likely in a group and agrees to come along

Hiss'r finds Kin talking with the Gunslinger after she'd found all the exclamation points floating above random people's heads in the town.

Short explanation that Ari would be joining us on our trip and soon enough we're off again.

Ari mentions some interesting jobs she's had beforehand when Hiss'r comments on finally being able to get some sleep at night.

A day of rest and we head out to deliver the mail and claim our reward back at the capital.

Break for camp along the road… percentile roll and all is good, this time

Twice in a row we luck out on percentiles!

… party perception called. Have we missed something?

Moon detects something on their watch!

Rifle-bold takes aim as our rogue approaches it!

Will save… oh this will be interesting.

Random bag of coins? Moon wants the money!


Kin "Moon, what was that?"

DM: You don't want to tell them, you feel the party will take if from you

Moon lies, nothing not anything like a pouch of coins

Saturo catches them in their lie

Another Will Save… don't want to share, don't want people to know

Moon just stashes it in her pack

Party lets it slide… for now.

This thing is still definitely cursed though.

Continuity slightly detailed by meta-discussion of shares and qualifications of how share splitting is justified.

Bag magically feels lighter for Moon… "who stole from my bag?"

Darius "what?"

Moon "The new bag I just got."

Moon checks back, empty. And so is the compulsion… weird stuff's happening

Darius "So things are stolen?"

Moon "All the gold disappeared from my new bag!"

Darius asks to see the bag and Moon lets him…

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Hiss'r wakes up, having slept through the whole bag thing.

Kin recaps the going on from his perspective, suspicious of the bag thing.

Darius checks the bag for magic and there's some level of transmutation and enchantment involved…

fading away as we speak… strange.

Fools gold and a greed enchantment on the bag. Some trickery is afoot.

Ari sticks closer to the party in light of the deceptions

DM calls for a Knowledge(local) from Moon specifically…

Can partially recall something like this but not the details.

Night falls and the party makes camp.

Hiss'r disrobes from their large protection against the Sun cloak and goes for a flight.

Darius takes Ari up on her offer of companionship for the night

Hiss'r returns and looks over Moon while they sleep, watching for parasites.

Nope. No parasites so far as they can see.

Arrive at the next town….

turn in the delivery quests for this town and collect more floating exclamation points

It's a few days but a safe journey to the capital and turning in all the remaining delivery quests

Kin buys a bunch of Dull Grey Ioun stones of various shapes and sizes and a set of paints of all sorts of colors… spends a short while painting the stones before setting the orbiting his head.

Hiss'r checks out the bounty board… Ice elementals, reefclaws, wood elementals… various monster infestations… lots of work to be done.

Hiss'r grabs the Ice elementals job to bring back to the party.

Hiss'r arrives right on time to catch Kin finish painting the Ioun Stones and set the last one orbiting his head in a dazzling display

Kin looks at the pay of the Ice Elemental job and expected difficulty before looking back to Hiss'r

Hiss'r explains she picked this job because it doesn't involve killing. Even though it's a low pay job.

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Party gathers at the bounty board to discuss and vote on jobs.

Darius suggests doing multiple bounties at once

Ari votes for a special ops bounty hinting down a new danger

Hiss'r asks if killing is involved… kill it.

Hiss'r having issues with killing anything…

Hiss'r clarifies that they're ok with us killing but not doing it them-self

Grab a nice list of bounties

Check our unsplit loot pile and decide on getting some party upgrades.

Use the unsplit loot to buy ourselves a tier 4 bag of holding to better be able to loot on our missions

Split the remainder of the loot and go on a between-session shopping spree

Head into the forest preparing for the hunt

Session end.

Previous Session

Meet the Party

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