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Simple(?) Homebrew Poison Crafting System

Hello my friendly fellow DMs!

I'm working on a (hopefully) simple homebrew system for crafting poisons that I think could be engaging for players without a tremendous increase in time investment or book-keeping work. I'd love it if you folks could look it over and give me some feedback – I haven't introduced it to my players yet. I think it needs to be cleaned up/clarified a bit – and I'm sure there are nuances I've missed.

TheTenaciousT's Poison Crafting System

Crafting poisons requires proficiency with and possession of a poisoner's kit. To craft a poison, you must have the requisite gold cost and components, and then spend 2 hours in a safe, dry space to try to craft the poison (+ 10 minutes per added Component over the base reciep). You then make a Poisoner's Kit Check (d20 + INT + Proficiency) against the poison's creation DC. If you succeed, you make 1 dose of the poison, and the gold and components are consumed. If you fail by 6 or more, you lose the gold and components. If you fail by 5 or less, the gold is consumed, but you keep the components and have advantage on your next attempt at creating that exact poison.

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  • Base Damage Poison: Target makes a Constitution Save (DC = 7 + Your Proficiency Bonus), on a fail they take 1d6 Poison Damage, half as much on a success.
    • Base Component Cost: 3 Damage Poison Components
    • Gold cost: 50 GP (+20 per extra Component)
    • Creation DC: 10 + 1 per extra Component
    • Add 1 more Component for each of the following benefits:
      • +1d6 Damage (Max Damage = 8d6)
      • +1 to save DC
      • Add the Poisoned condition until the end of their next turn (+1 component to extend the condition additional turns, max of 3)

  • Base Sleep Poison: Duplicates the effects of the Sleep spell, but on a single target.
    • Base Component Cost: 3 Sleep Poison Components
    • Gold cost: 75 GP (+20 per extra Component)
    • Creation DC: 14 + 1 per extra Component
    • Add more Sleep Components to add 1d8 to the spell effect per component.

  • Base Stun Poison: Target makes a Consitution Save (DC = 7 + Your Proficiency Bonus), on a fail the target is Stunned until the end of their next turn.
    • Base Component Cost: 3 Stun Poison Components
    • Gold cost: 100 GP (+20 per extra Component)
    • Creation DC: 16 + 1 per extra Component
    • Add additional Components for the following effects:
      • Increase the poison's save DC by 1 per Component added.
      • Increase the number of turns a creature is stunned for by 1 per component (max 3)
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You must search for poison components. Ingredients have base DCs, modified by the environment (or player's clever descriptions of it). If there is literally a poisonous creature to harvest from you have advantage on the check.

Component Search: once per day you can spend an hour and make an Investigation or Nature check to search for components to a specific poison (stated before the check); if you have proficiency with a poisoner's kit you may add your proficiency bonus if you're not already proficient in the chosen skill. If you succeed you gain 1 component for that poison.

Component Search Base DCs

  • Damage Poison Component = DC15
  • Sleep Poison Component = DC18
  • Stun Poison Component = DC20

And that's about it. I'm thinking of adding opportunities for the assassin character to train with experts throughout the campaign to find additional poison types, and maybe improve their base stats for the poisons/crafting. For reference, my group just got to Level 5 and are exploring their first significant urban environment, complete with a thriving criminal underbelly. Anyway, any and all feedback is welcome!


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