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Simplified Druid – Anyone having ideas or existing homebrew?

Content of the article: "Simplified Druid – Anyone having ideas or existing homebrew?"


one of my players has a problem. She really wants to keep playing her grassland druid, but is facing several challenges that make it very hard for her:

  • Never played an RPG before
  • Not very experienced in English (making most videos or guide mostly useless)
  • druid being among the hardest classes for new players to learn

So I was toying with the idea of trying to make her druid more steamlined and simpler, especially when it comes to spellcasting, but before I re-invent the wheel I was hoping to find some already existing ressources for that. Sadly my google-fu pretty much failed to come up with anything. The guides and videos are all in English and seem often to be more aimed at optimizing or entertaining, than actually explaining. Homebrew does exist, but mostly in form of new subclasses. If someone has already created an simple druid. I have not found it.

So does anyone here have any ideas or maybe alread found something in that direction?

Thus far, my main idea has been to switch the druid from prepared spellcaster to spontanious…and that is pretty much it.


It seems like I should have added more information. Sorry, I was trying to avoid a wall of text.

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The group is level 7. They started at level 3, so she has played quite a few session since, but we just had a long break due the virus and only recently switched to roll20. Her main problems are the vast amount of different spells and abilities Druids get. With all the sources and text being in English, making it even harder for her to keep track. One thing that is not an issue is "power-balancing". She has no problem being weaker, as long as she get to hug animals and trees. (And as a DM, I can still make her more powerful/useful via loot and "patches")

Based on the feedback thus far I am leaning towards a simplified spell list or maybe learning/casting like a Bard would. Though I am also taking a second look at Archfey Warlock. If that class has no option to mimic her beast shape, I might homebrow a fitting pact boon or invocation as a replacement.

I also apologize for the hasty written nature of the edit. I am ESL as well, and only have a short break before having to get back to work.

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