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skipping to 20th level?

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I am a first time dm, and i recently came up with an idea that is either genius or stupid, and i kind of need your help deciding which. keep in mind, this is me planning the overarching story, the campaign hasn't actually started yet. here's some history for my homebrew world (you can skip these next two paragraphs, just know that near the end the party shatters an uber-magical rock and turns into uber-powerful immortal beings):

Long ago, the world was full of magical creatures and artifacts and places. when the goddess of magic died, however, magic left the world and all seemed lost. over thousands of years, human(oid)kind developed a fully functioning world without magic, until one adventurer found something to change everything. It was a stone, containing the last essence of the extremely weak god of magic. she shattered it, reintroducing magic to the world and imbuing herself with powers beyond the ordinary.

The campaign is set 300 years in the future, and magic has become quite common, and very well studied by fanatics all over the world. for the final arc (starting around 13-15th level) i wanted to introduce a big, big threat to the very balance of the world (think chroma conclave big) and nobody has any chance of defeating them. the party then seeks out (or is sought out by) the woman who broke the stone 300 years ago. she is immortal now, and lives in seclusion. she then tells the party the shocking news that the goddess of magic is, in fact, not dead. she hears her whispers, and is imbued by her power. she tells the party the location of a second stone, they find it, shatter it and are all converted into immortal, ever powerful beings, and the original stone-breaker helps them defeat the threat to save the world and the campaign ends.

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mechanically, i wanted the players to instantly skip from 15th to 20th level, and gain and epic boon of their choice (other than immortality, as they would already get that effect). i know what some of you are probably thinking, and i'm the only new one at the table. all my players are experienced and wouldn't be overwhelmed at all by this. the only thing i can think of that would be wrong would be the woman who cracked the original stone; should she also be 20th level with a boon to show how much the party advanced, that they're at the same level as this legendary figure, or should she be even more powerful somehow? (I am actually planning to have one of my friends come on for a few sessions to play her role, so i can't give her monster stats)

any help is very much appreciated (and if you're a part of my party i'm going to murder you for reading this)

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