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So excited! We released our first major update to the free mapmaker we’re working on!

Content of the article: "So excited! We released our first major update to the free mapmaker we’re working on!"

Hey guys! I'm super excited to say we just posted our first major update to the alpha build for our free 3D mapmaker Dragon Drop. This is a passion project I pitched to my team at work, and we've been developing it since September of last year.

We're looking to make big changes and improvements to the game as we move from the alpha/prototype onward, and we'd love community feedback to help shape those changes.

Things we have in our current alpha build:

• PC, Mac, Android, iOS capable • Cross-platform play in Quest Mode • Live DM-controlled play in 3D (Quest mode) with generated lobbies • Orthographic top-down view • Variable map size creation • Interior and exterior assets • Controllable fog of war • Map linking for creating branches from overworld maps to interiors • Multiple map saves • Save and export your maps to share with other Dragon Drop users • 13 biomes • Hundreds of assets (buildings, props, dungeons, encounter objects) • Brand new dungeon asset packs with specialized assets for Sewer, Castle, Tavern and Cave interior biomes • Music player with awesome tracks from Alexander Nakarada • A public discord you can access by signing up for our newsletter, where you can talk directly to us devs about what features you'd most like to see next • Print in 2D or play in 3D • FREE. AS. FUCK. No cost, no email collection, no sign-in needed.

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Things in our immediate roadmap to beta: • Unrestricted cam movement • Unrestricted object placement • New visual system for level of detail • Quest System overhaul (we'd love your feedback for this!) • Base asset upgrades, texture upgrades and lighting. Graphical overhaul! • First person view toggle for players • More asset packs (Shipwrecked is our next one, islands, pirates, and treasure, oh my)

Things in our roadmap if we get some more community interest: • Tile paint system for biomes • Terrain creation • VR mode for first person Quest view • VR mode for at-table play • AR mode (project the map in AR in front of you on the physical table) • Multiple map layers (verticality) • Triggerable destruction effects • Triggerable weather effects • Dynamic time of day settings • 3d Mini models for creatures • Character avatar creator • Character sheet integration and major quest system upgrade • Broader asset packs for multiple established and homebrew style games (sci-fi, horror, post-apocalyptic) • Marketplace for user-generated assets • More asset packs • Texture variants on existing assets for asset customization • Animated premium assets

You can grab the download links to early access for Steam or mobile stores from Dragon Drop where you can also sign up for our newsletter to get access to our Discord server. If you wanna show us some love for future development on Patreon, find us here where you'll get special assets and perks as we move along in development. No patronage required to play!

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