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so i recently started playing D&D and i decided to talk about what i have done

Content of the article: "so i recently started playing D&D and i decided to talk about what i have done"

ok so on my character is a Black Kitsune Bard called Summer. so in the first time i played i made up to 10 Cobalts go down with some super high rolls on sleep spells ( now due to this and the next 2 games i call her Summer Cosby ) and kill a few cultist who worship someone called Tiamat and saved a player from drowning with my unseen servant spell and then got everyone into the fort we was near the town we had to save from a blue(?) lightning dragon

the next time i was in i did nothing of value as i had nothing to deal damage to a dragon

next time we had to go and destroy a cultist camp after there successful raid me being the smartest one decided to play off the fact they just did a raid and got away with some good loot and they wold be partying hard for the night to go in with the party and act like cultist

i was the only one to not nearly give us away and spill alcohol all over the camp and 2 of us got found out cause they don't know how to act natal

Que the party getting the other party members trying to get our other players out of jail with someone we needed to grab for a side quest

then once they are out i light up all the alcohol i spilled due to my amazing sneak skills and then the place goes up in smoke due to a nat20 on fire check now nameing her Summer Pyro Cosby

next game after we explored a cave and my character has built in dark vision so i am good as we then burn down a mushroom forest by mistake and later on we find a door that has 3 guard drakes in it my party is all pansys but i try to tame them with the dead bodies of cobolts we killed as food i roll a nat 20 a moded 24 and a moded 19 i got to keep 1 guard drake later on in the cave we find a Black Dragon egg

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Que happynessnoise.exe

i convince my party to let me keep 1 egg due to me watching a vid with a good black dragon from pathfinder ( i did not know that pathfinder and D&D where 2 diferent games i thought it was just a different campaign ) so my party lets me keep the egg on the back of my drake that i feed the corpses of our adversary

que me realizing my chaotic good Kitsune now has the egg of a chaotic evil dragon AND we dont know where mama is

if anyone has any questions just ask I like the game so far and now i have the egg of the dragon i told my friend i wanted before we even started at LV4 so i am happy

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