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So I rolled on the “Feywild Time Warp” table for my party…

If you're playing in a campaign about a little island called Valeria, you need not read more!

As for the rest of you…

So I am DMing for a homebrew campaign that revolved around portals and other planes of existence that were getting mangled up with the material plane. One such realm is Xol, the plane of beholders/mindflayers/aboleths/other aberration. There was a Dark Elf terrorist attack happening in one of the city capitals that is meant to spark a war between humans and wood elves so they can open a portal to Xol unabated. My party had about 2 months to prevent that from happening.

My party teleported to the Feywild by their own choice while investigating a long-abandoned temple, as there is a powerful NPC in the Feywild who has to explain why they didn't intervene during previous plot points involving the war between humans and elves.

I was determined to roll on the Feywild Time Warp table, rerolling any "no change" rolls. Well sure enough, I got a 20. Any day you spend in the Feywild becomes a year on the Material Plane.

So if they spend even a full day there, the bomb goes off without the party to interfere, the race war starts, and the portal to Xol opens up. If this happens, the entire planet basically turns into Darksiders where human life is all but wiped out, the aberrations take over, and everything turns into a monstrous hellscape.

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I really don't want this to happen, but I am committed to honoring the dice to dictate the story.

What I think could happen is the party gets apprehended, for lack of a better term, by the Titania and the Summer Court who after some back and forth discussions about why they're here and how they got here, she could inform the party that time moves differently in the Feywild and years on the Material Plane can go by like days in the Feywild, and she could benevolently offer to return the party to their own world. Like, maybe make it really apparent that lingering for more than a day could have catastrophic effects for their world. If they refuse and are insistent on pursuing the aforementioned story-related NPC, maybe give them a chance to knock that out in one-day if they don't try to stop and long rest, but otherwise I think the plot of my world just got turned up to 11.

Do you guys have any input on how to help prevent this disasterous semi-conclusion to this plot? Again, I know I could just fudge the dice, but I think that would be disingenuous to the story and the game. My party is level 13, they could certainly survive well enough in the apocalypse, and I think this could open up an interesting story on how to go back in time and prevent this future. Maybe meet up with a group of survivors? There are definitely NPCs they've met who would also survive this apocalypse.

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Similarly do any of you have experience when your stories took a hard left turn and your players had to survive a post-apocalypse world they previously ventured? Any help or advice would be appreciated 🙂

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