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So proud of my Icewind Dale players!

Content of the article: "So proud of my Icewind Dale players!"

I will avoid spoilers and give warning if there are any for the following.

The other day I ran our first session in Icewind Dale. I didn't like the starting quests so I decided to make my own and double down on the "Isolation" feeling that's rather prominent throughout, but literally. The pass through the spine of the world was going to be blocked, letting the player's know there will be no help from the outside world. Well, we didn't quite get there. A natural 1 (which was a modified 0, lol) led the party against the yeti that I had not planned on them facing until later and I warned them this encounter was deadly to be sure. However, they owned the situation and thrived in it, while coming up with a unique way of defeating the creature. The bard and monk, who were not very useful in combat, worked together to set up a tripwire at the cave entrance and buried an upturned spear in some heavy snow while the fighter and barbarian kept the yeti busy inside and taking some heavy damage (but luckily I was rolling bad on attacks and the barb had cold res). Eventually, they made it outside and readied their actions with some rope. The yeti, failing his perception and dex save, fell and speared himself, but didn't die. Right away they sprung their actions to wrap the rope around its neck and made a group strength check to set the Yeti's DC to break free. They rolled well. After 1 round I decided the yeti would take a d4 for suffocating every round thereafter plus a d4 for bleeding (I'm new to 5e and didn't know if there were rules for bleeding). They did it. They choked the thing to death. While I can't say I was completely honest (I had to fudge 3 rolls that would surely have killed 2 people) I was surprised how efficient they were and how they turned a dark situation into a fun night to remember. Right now I'm working on how to reward them for thinking outside the box and have a few questions since I'm new to 5e. 1. How should I reward them if at all? They leveled up as was appropriate for level 1s beating a boss. Anything not too gamebreaking I should consider? 2. Is this the right Subreddit for this post? Sorry if it is, I'm used to pathfinder which you can't get wrong but I thought maybe 5e has its own subreddit or…? Also I'm on mobile so I don't know how to black out text. I didn't spoil anything so its fine but if I had I wouldn't know how to handle it. 3. Anybody else have a story from Icewind Dale?

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