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So you’re running Rime of the Frostmaiden…

Content of the article: "So you’re running Rime of the Frostmaiden…"

Much like I did for Dragon of Icespire Peak, I am producing a series of DM guide videos for Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden! The first video is a general overview of the book's contents and the campaign from a broad scale.

To make this series more interactive, I need YOU to tell me what you want to see in future videos about how to run Rime of the Frostmaiden! So this first post just covers the foundations of the book to get us on the same page. Let’s do this!


  • 320 pages, 7 chapters
  • Level range: 1-11, all milestone advancement
  • Setting: Icewind Dale (duh)
  • Main themes: horror – paranoia, isolation, secrecy)


  • Intro, ~10 pages
    • Icewind Dale general setting info
    • Main conflict: Each night Auril flies across Icewind Dale on a roc and performs a ritual to keep the sun from rising beyond twilight the next day, maintaining an ongoing winter which has caused great confusion and tribalism in the region. Also a duergar is building a dragon construct to destroy Ten Towns. Also the Arcane Brotherhood are investigating a buried Netherese city (super magical, once flying) to find super poweful magic stuff.
    • Wilderness survival: avalanches, blizzards, extreme cold, clothing, fishing, travel, etc.
    • PC creation: cold-resistant goliath, SECRETS! (drawn randomly) e.g. Alagondar scion, littlest yeti, owlbear whisperer, slaad host…some are beneficial, many are not.
  • 1: Ten Towns, ~90 pages, levels 1-4 — sandbox
    • 2 town-neutral starter quests to begin the campaign
      • serial killer bounty hunt
      • capturing a lil nature spirit
    • Info and at least one quest for each town (quests should take 1-2 sessions each)
    • Need 4-5 quests to reach level 4 and advance to the next chapter
  • 2: Icewind Dale, ~60 pages, level 4 — sandbox
    • 13 fantastic and mysterious locations seeded by rumors and some chapter 1 quests
    • Wilderness encounter tables
  • 3: Sunblight, ~15 pages, level 4/5 — linear
    • Duergar warlock of Asmodeus (he thinks it's a Duergar god though) wants to build a dragon construct out of chardalyn to destroy the towns. The dragon is already en route to Ten Towns when the party arrives (kinda rail roady, but it's fun). Apparently this is seeded in a few of the starting quests.
    • It's a pretty big dungeon headquarters with nice loot and a neat conspiracy subplot.
  • 4: Destruction's Light, ~10 pages, level 6 — linear
    • The party chases the dragon around Ten Towns, saving as many towns as they can before they get lasered by this awesome dragon. An Arcane Brotherhood NPC is introduced to help the party and seed the next chapters.
  • 5: Auril's Abode, ~15 pages, level 7 — line-ish
    • The party and NPC go to Auril's spooky frozen island to find items they need to reach the ancient magical city where the super magic to end Auril's winter can be found. But they may find and defeat Auril here (ending the campaign) if they can pass some morality tests and actually take her down in combat.
  • 6: Caves of Hunger, ~15 pages, level 8 — linear
    • Big spooky cave complex with a gnoll vampire and other fun guys, all carved out of a glacier and leading to the buried city.
  • 7: Doom of Ythryn, ~30 pages, level 9+ — idk man
    • The super magic ancient abandoned city place. Here are the ridiculous magic items and I guess the power to end Auril's rime but I kind of got lost in this section.
  • Epilogue
    • Multiple endings including one that zaps your party back 1500 years in time where none of the 5e material can help you. Good luck, DM.
  • Appendices: trinkets, PC secrets cards, 50+ monster stat blocks with icy-themed creatures, "amazing, powerful, terrible magic items" – Chris Perkins, foldout map, poem
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