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Software to Track Multiple Groups?

TL;DR: Looking for campaign management software that fits my criteria, if it exists.

1: The Problem

I've been researching this for weeks now and there probably isn't an answer, but here goes. I am DMing a campaign and have been using OneNote but two big issues have arisen:

  • Some disorganization creep has set in over the years. My organization scheme shifted slowly over time and now things are scattered about in different places. Example: Important NPC or location articles are sometimes in 2-3 different places. Making sessions slow down to a halt. ("I've got that here somewhere.")
  • There are multiple factions in the world doing things. (PCs in the main campaign, PCs from oneshots, and NPCs). But keeping track of what is going on, is getting messy. I don't even have many balls in the air, really. I just don't have a good way to organize the info.

2: What I Am Looking For

At this point, it's worth it to me to just pay for a polished bit of campaign management software that can offer the following features:

  • A.) Allows me to keep track of Session Notes, NPCs, locations, events/history/timeline, factions, lore in general, etc. in one place.
  • B.) Easy tagging and cross-referencing of records that is easy: it doesn't require all the steps that OneNote does to hyperlink manually. I'd like to just type a symbol like @ and just have it done as long as the source article has been created.
  • C.) Some option of Timeline display like this spreadsheet from an old World of Darkness campaign. Something that has time on the X-axis and groups down the Y-axis, and conveniently shows what everyone has been doing in parallel on the same display.
  • D.) Bonus: An easy way to roll Session Notes into the Campaign History/Timeline.

3: Possible Solutions?

World Anvil:

  • Doesn't appear to have the Timeline display I'm looking for. The closest solution they seem to have would appear to require me creating Parallel Timelines for each faction/group. There doesn't seem to be anyway to view multiple Parallel Timelines simultaneously.
  • Their Content Trees almost seem to be a solution. But their roll-out video for this feature said Timeline Content Trees were something they could roll-out later if people want, with no indication they have done so.


  • Similar issues as World Anvil; doesn't appear to have the capability to display events/actions of different factions in parallel.

Campaign Logger:

  • Seems great at tagging and cross-referencing but doesn't seem to have a Timeline display, per se, other than searching for all logs/entries regarding the Timeline. No apparent option of parallel timeline display.


  • Actually has the right display I'm looking for. But it seems to lack a robust ability to store Session Notes or campaign lore in general. It's also designed as a tool for laying out chapters in a book, which means it's not quite suited to a timeline that may slice time into different sizes than chapters.

4: And so…..

I'm pulling my hair out here. It seems like something must surely have the options I'm looking for, but I just can't identify it.

I would at least settle for something that can handle all the Timeline stuff I want + a service/software like Kanka, Campaign Logger, or World Anvil into which I could hyperlink content from the Timeline program.

Or a solution that does both these things?


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