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Some new puzzles (a bit on the snarky side) I created.

If you want the context I made these puzzles for, I was reworking of the Candlekeep Mysteries module "The Joy of Extradimensional Spaces" as a 'Fun-geon' to teach kids about adventuring, and wanted to bulk up a couple of the more empty rooms with interesting puzzles. (Which I've wrote up here if you're interested). This post contains the new puzzles I created for that revision only, as those are probably the useful resource. Several of them are parodies of existing puzzles.

Chess puzzle.

Your goal in this puzzle, stated up front, is to move the knight to every square without touching any of them more than once. The squares (ideally) change colour when the knight is moved to them.

This did not need an illustration. It has one.


So, 3×4 board. It's possible players will just do a knight's tour correctly on the board, the squares glowing green when moved to. But if they run out of moves, < the puzzle will fail to reset. If they try to take back a move, or move the knight somewhere it's been, a mage hand will move it back to where it was.

See, the rules never stated that they had to move it like a knight. You can just go Bang bang bang bang – Bang bang bang bang – Bang bang bang bang DONE. So if they seem to be stuck, they just need to move it to any square that hasn't been used yet.



As the player walks through the portal, they finds themself in a small magical forest contained in a room. A river blocks his way to the other side. "A bit of a classic puzzle. You will need to take a fox, a chicken, and a bag of grain across the river, but need to do it as efficiently as possible, while only being able to carry one at a time. But as a kind, wise Eda, perhaps you can figure out what you ought to do….

"But be warned, the Fox WILL eat the chicken if you let him. …The grain is probably safe from the chicken in this case."

Note that, per the picture, the chicken is a roast chicken. The lesson Fuddruzzer is going for here is compassion to animals. The fox will whine for the food – chicken is his favourite – and if fed it, will happily follow the player, and hit a lever to make a bridge appear, letting the player get the fox, chicken (surrounded by fox) and grain (carried by player) across in one trip. The fox, Reynard, is Fuddruzzer's pet, and a foxhole across the river lets him get to Fuddruzzer. Fuddruzzer might allow a solution where the fox is fed something else.

Magic puzzle:

The most complex of the three puzzles I'm detailing here.

"It takes years of practice – or just cheating and being born a sorcerer – to master magic. But here's an example of what it's like! The three objects here imitate having spells: The glove will act like burning hands, the wand will throw an orb of electricity, and the glowing rock is an example of the light spell! See if you can use them to solve the puzzles in the next three rooms! Be warned, they get harder as you go on!"

The first puzzle is a cutout of straw blocking the door. Using the glove to make illusionary flames appear on it will "burn it away" and make it sink into the floor.

"Now, remember, if you do get fire magic… be careful with it. You don't want to end up hurting someone. Someone who isn't trying to kill you or people you care about, anyway."

The second puzzle… is illustrated.


"Of course, some creatures are out to hurt you! Can you defeat this horrible monster and all its friends lurking below?!"

Hitting the monster with the glove or wand causes it to sink into the water, at which point Fuddruzzer announces "Oh, no! The water is full of its friends, and they're all happy to attack you too!" and another appears.

The trick is to hit the water with flames, boiling it, or the wand to shock everything.

The… thingamajig I forgot to give a weird name is , as are all his evil friends! …Maybe you shouldn't trust narrators to tell you what's evil, but given he's just a model, I think you're safe from moral judgement."

The last room has a sun on the floor, a moon on the doorhandle, stars on the ceiling – with a ladder leading up to allow you to interact with the stars.


Each of the three symbols has a hole in the middle that lets the glowing stone be put into it. You can also use the fire and electric items on them. Here's what happens. If the Aurora borealis effect has already started, (Image: https://imgur.com/a/KYJ1VjK ) and is triggered again, it just grows more intense for a moment,


  • Fire/Electric: Aurora borealis effect begins (see below)
  • Glowing stone: The rock slots into place (blocking the hole) and a meteor falls from the stars, glowing brighter. (a close examination shows it to be a moonstone). The hole is now closed, and the new rock cannot be added.


  • Fire: Bright, blinding flash
  • Stone: Original: Bright flash, then stone pops out of hole. Moonstone: Eclipse effect (room goes dark) then the stone pops out of the hole.
  • Electric: Aurora borealis effect begins.


  • Fire: "Better not touch that a moment! It'll be hot! Oh, wait, it's cooled now."
  • Electric: Moon gives mild shock if touched.
  • Stone: The moon glows prettily, and the letters "P-U-S-H" can be seen on it.

Aurora (if triggered):

  • Fire/Electric: Brightens a moment
  • Stone: No slot.

As you probably gathered, the door is open from the start and can simply be pushed open. Everything else in the third room is just complicated distraction.


This one is stupid, but I love it, and my playtesting shows that people fail to solve it by overthinking.

"Lockpicking is a cunning and difficult art according to Gellan, who always complained he wasn't that good at it, but still tried when the rest of us nudged him on. Perhaps you can be better at him at it. Can YOU pick the lock?

Here's the illustration:


Just press the button with the lock on it. Don't press others with it. Don't try and be clever. Just pick (as in choose) the lock.

"Congratulations! You have picked…. the lock!" The door swings open.


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