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Some questions from a new DM 5e

Content of the article: "Some questions from a new DM 5e"

Hello everyone. I am a new DM (around 17 sessions).

Question 1) The warlock of the party seemed to be underperforming. This because the party is constantly travelling across the map I made and the encounters are usually scarce in ingame time and are usually one big encounter. So her ability to replenish spell slots after short rest is underutilised. Actually it has never been used since the party almost never use short rest. I gave her a magic item (not randomly, I associated it with the plot). This item gives her the ability to use her action during combat to focus and "steal" one spell slot from the ones she would have after the short rest. She can then use a second action to use a spell. If she use short rest, she doesn't replenish the said slots. Is this idea of mine good? I think it helps her a lot but seems kind of metagame-y.

Question 2) The Paladin of the party is always trying to steal enemies' weapons, arcane focuses and stuff and then destroy them. The way we handle it is attack roll vs athletics/actobatics check. But I think it is broken and OP and creates difficult situations for me. Is this the way it should be played? Maybe he should have a dis or sth?

Question 3) He also likes grappling people and tieing them . How do you approach this mechanically?

Question 4) The same Paladin wanted to use his Ready Action like this. He was facing two enemies A and B who were chasing him. He said :"I ready my action so that the very moment the A hero uses his dash and before the B takes his turn, I use hold person on the B. " By doing this, he could deal with the first one and after that the B target.

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I think the only way he can do this is if the 2 enemies are not the same (like 2 kobolds and thus same initiative) and only if we are in combat phase. Otherwise I understand that the enemies are moving together and he cannot do this ready action. Am I right? Bonus question: Does the ready action apply to the mechanics of the game (e.g. I ready when the enemy uses a bonus action) or only in game things the hero would say?

Sorry for my dumb questions and thanks in advance!

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