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Soo, I kinda screwed up… (FIXING CAMPAIGN IDEAS)

Content of the article: "Soo, I kinda screwed up… (FIXING CAMPAIGN IDEAS)"

A campaign of some friends was kinda imploding upon itself due to master's burnout and real-life catching up on him…and players came to me (mutual friend and master without a campaign to pick up the mantle…and I foolishly said yes.

I got the notes of the previous master and…well…it's basically nothing.

They're being playing for over A YEAR now and they're still level 4 (7 players…which is A LOT). All of them have backstory who they wish to explore…and I feel kinda overwhelmed by the task ò-ò

I bought some time luring them into Forge of Fury, but even that is going to keep them busy just so long. So I was wondering if any of you can help me figure some prompt or some modules that may fit with the backgrounds of my players.

Example:Half-Elf (urchin) Rogue Assassin – Her parents and were captured and enslaved by raiders when she was a child, she wants revenge —–> The first module of Shackled City has a slaver, so I could use that.


Aasimar (noble) Paladin Ancient LG – Heir of a family who kept a demon sealed for centuries, now the seals are loosening and he journey to avoid it.

Tabaxi (knight) Monk Shadow LG – (basically a Ninja-Jedi) His order is falling apart due to a schism, and his master has been killed by the other faction (presumably)

Eladrin (hermit) Moon Druid CG – She was raised by a Baphomet cultist druid…she has an eye that let's her see in the Shadowfell (I don't even know how it works)

Dragonborn (soldier) Warlock Hexblade LN – Old veteran who struck a deal with a Shadowfell machine (the notes said evil AI…I don't know…maybe something like a tainted being built in Mechanus or something like that)

Read:  He killed a bandit with a door

The last one is an adventurer with no particular background, and the player doesn't care, he's just in for the coin and the slaughter…so…yay.

Any idea?

EDIT: Added some monk's info
The order had a philosophy: they served a man for his entire life, and in doing so they learn to be a weapon, instead of just learning to use them. The founder lost his noble because he was stripped of his blade —> never again —> yada yada.
In time, no one serves anymore just a man for the entirety of his/her life. Instead, courtroom they get paid. And since they're great at that, they are basically in every court room, in every kings' chambers.

Half of the order wishes to exploit this to blackmail and control the politics of the realms from the shadows.

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