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Sorcerer is the only class that doesnt learn how to do “its thing” any better. I think Sterling Vermin Co found an interesting answer to this.

Content of the article: "Sorcerer is the only class that doesnt learn how to do “its thing” any better. I think Sterling Vermin Co found an interesting answer to this."

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Bards have Inspiration, the Divine Classes have Channel Divinity, Rogues have Expertise and more, Warlocks have invocations, Wizards do everything better /s (Class and subclasses enhance spells on top of the biggest spell list), Fighters, Monks and Barbar get tougher and hit harder. And we dont talk about Rangers (Barbar learns abilities to be much harder to kill).

Everyone gets alternative uses of a resource and often times it comes back on a short rest but something always gets Improved. Not on this casty boy. Sorcs are extremely limited by metamagic choice (only two until level 10). Tasha is giving a huge boon in the form of Metamagic Adept. However this now means the class has a feat tax or if Tasha isn't allowed, you are SOL.

Sorcerer has only three class features, Metamagic, Font of Magic and Sorcerous Recovery. Metamagic takes up almost all design space, Font of Magic is kind of a crock with the conversion rate between resources being downright terrible and adds to the heavy strain on resources, but creating spell slots in a pinch is fantastic. Sorcerous Recovery is almost pointless, especially at level 20. The only gains are metamagic known and that is very, very small gains.

The biggest problem with Sorc is how restrictive the class is. Few spells, few metamagics and Sorcery Points are stretched to the breaking point. Every new UA, or alt feature is a new way to spend Sorc points.

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While researching Sorc's issues, I came across Sterling Vermin's Sorcerer Revisited. < https://www.dmsguild.com/m/product/253474> He has a unique take on Spell points and resource management along with built in spell and metamagic versatility (swap 1 on LR) but what caught my eye was his custom subclass:

The Arcane Prodigy.


The flavor here is fantastic like many Sorcerous Origins are but what this does is just lets a Sorc do what they are built to do, just better. I couldn't stop thinking about how good this felt to read and I will be play testing this subclass on the default chassis at some point.

The 1st level gives us a very neat and flavor packed Familiar and access to the Wizard spell list. I really just love the familiar and I like the possiblity of another Divine Soul type. I haven't looked at what might break with MM and Wizard but Clockwork and Abberant Mind are getting limited access!

The level 6 feature is what keeps me coming back to this subclass:

Metamagic Prodigy: "At 6th level you get a pool of prodigy points equal to your level in this class. This pool increases by 1 each time you gain a level in this class. You can spend Prodigy Points instead of Sorcery points to use Metamagic options. You regain all expanded Prodigy points when you finish a long rest"

What this does is lessen the burden that Sorcery Points are under ( metamagic, spell slot creation, subclass features and coming soon, a possible class feature for psuedo advantage for 1 or 2 points) and gives the player the freedom to use the class to its potential.

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The 14th and 18th features allow you to use Metamagic more and further amplify metamagic but I dont know if I like being able to just Twin everything for free as it scale with spell level so I would probably set a cost limit of maybe 2 for the mastery for 18th feature.

I really like the idea of implementing the Prodigy points in some fashion, be it as is or prof bonus # of points per short rest. It would allow both metamagic use and subclass features to be used frequently without the worry of too many spell slots being created as Prodigy points are for Metamagic only

What are your thoughts on this subclass and features and possibly turning it into case class features?

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