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Sorcerer plays dead too good

Content of the article: "Sorcerer plays dead too good"

be me: yuan-ti pureblood sorcerer

be not me: DM, half elf palidan, human fighter

party is clearing out a bad guy hide out where some priests are about to perform a ritual on a prisoner

sorcerer stands by staircase, melting priest's with burning hands who try to run up the staircase to get help

dm asks sorcerer to join him in private chat

dm: "roll me two 15 constitution saving throws"

rolls an 8 and 11

dm: "someone comes down the stairs, stabs you in the back and you take 68 damage.." (sorcerers base hp is 36)

sorcerer: haha_im_in_danger.gif

dm: "…but 56 of that is poison damage which you are immune to because of your race"

dm: "you can trick your attacker into thinking your dead, but you'll have to trick your party as well."

lightbulb.exe, imma Lannisters send there regards this mofo

dm: "on your turn you can take an action or roll a deception roll disguised as a death saving throw to continue to play dead"

rejoin party chat, fighters mad

one round of combat ensue, dm asks sorcerer to roll a "death saving throw"

rolls 12 +7 deception proficiency

fighter gets mad at dm (our dm rolls our death throws and doesnt tell us the result to keep up the suspense)

sorcerer starts sweating about how hes going to tell the dm his deception rolls.

another round of combat, paladin cleans up the last couple of priests while the fighter turns his attention towards the sorcerer's "killer"

still sweating, sorcerer rolls a secret deception roll, passes

bad guy attacks fighter, dropping fighter to 13 hp

sorcerer: oops.exe, my friends are going to die while I lie on the floor totally not dead

fighter attacks, then uses an action surge to attack again

bad guy is bloodied

paladin runs in and kills the bad guy

party runs to sorcerer to heal him.

sorcerer sits ups: "guys I'm fine! I'm sorry"

paladin: wut.jpg

fighter: wtf_is_this_guy_serious.mp3

dm: secretly upset that the sorcerer blundered his opportunity to be a bad ass

sorcerer: literally the most healthy member of the party because he just lied on the floor for the entire combat

First time posting, but I hope it gave you guys a chuckle 😀

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