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Sorcerous Origins – Homebrewing additional spells in DnDBeyond

The Problem:

With the release of Tasha's Cauldron to Everything we have been treated to two new Sorcerer subclasses that each come with a 1st level feature adding additional spells (often not part of the Sorcerer spell list) to their repetoire, without counting towards the number of spells known.

Unfortunately the same revision hasn't been made to pre-existing Sorcerer subclasses, but the community has been theory-crafting their own solution for these for quite some time now and there's seemingly no shortage of DMs using them in their own games. Which is great.

It does however pose the questions – How the heck do I correctly add these spells to the character sheet in DnDBeyond?

The Solution:

This is going to sound like a lot of work, but it only needs to be done once per subclass, not once per character like some suggested solutions out there. Plus it doesn't mess up the amount of 'Spells Known', allow casting without using spell slots, or employ the use of feats or magic items.

  1. Head to the Homebrew section and Create Homebrew Subclass
  2. Select the Sorcerer Class, and the Subclass you wish to add Origin spells to.
  3. Give it a name and description (for example I appended each class name with the tag '(Origins)' and used the default class description which I copied over from the compendium pages)
  4. Add a Class Feature. Title it something generic like 'Shadow Magic' and in the description add the full details. I'd personally recommend altering the description included in the feature for one of the new subclasses ("You learn additional spell when you…").
  5. Add the table beneath in the main description. Note: There's no option to add a table directly, but you can either copy and paste from an editor, or head into the source mode to add it yourself in HTML (example at the end).
  6. Give the Feature a Required Class Level of 1, set the Display Order to 1, and set the Feature Type to Granted
  7. Now you need to create an additional feature for each level that the subclass gains additional spells (following the new subclass and almost every homebrew creation I've seen this is levels 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9) – You can name these something simple like Shadow Magic (3) etc.
  8. Copy and paste your description from the first feature – it really doesn't matter
  9. Set the Required Class Level to the appropriate level. Ignore the Display Order this time. Still set Feature Type to Granted
  10. Tick the Hide in Builder and Hide in Sheet options
  11. Save the feature, and click Add a Spell
  12. Add one of the spells to be granted at that level.
  13. Set: Consumes Spell Slot to Yes. Counts As Known Spell to No. Always Prepared to Yes.
  14. Save and repeat from step 11 for the other spell granted at this level.
  15. Repeat from step 7 for all levels
  16. Hit Save again – just because
  17. Switch existing character subclass in the character builder to this new one and check the spells known for their level to make sure it is correct
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– The additional spells for the new subclasses in DnDBeyond are actually setup incorrectly (at least I'm pretty sure) as they grant access to spells based on character level rather than class level.

– By making the features not show in the character sheet or builder it helps reduce the amount of clutter while still adding the spells when the appropriate level is reached.

– Homebrew changes can take a while to appear on character sheets sometimes. If changes you have made aren't showing give it some time (literally an hour or so sometimes) and check back later.

– I would totally craft all of these and share them if I could, but they can't be made public due to licensed content

– This is the 'Quick and Dirty' version of this guide. I'll probably tidy up with a video or screenshots later if there's demand. If there are any errors please feel free to let me know though.

– If you're struggling with the above DM me or drop a comment and I'll do what I can to help

Table HTML for an example Shadow Sorcerer:

<table class="compendium-left-aligned-table">










<td>arms of hadar, false life</td>




<td>summon shadowspawn, shadow blade</td>




<td>bestow curse, feign death</td>




<td>shadow of moil, death ward</td>




<td>enervation,&nbsp;negative energy flood</td>




Source: reddit.com

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