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Specific heirloom weapon idea that I’m trying to balance

Content of the article: "Specific heirloom weapon idea that I’m trying to balance"

I'm playing in a homebrew 3.5e campaign, and my character has a bow that was the last one the craftsman of his tribe made (his tribe was slaughtered shortly after he earned the bow and was recognized as an adult). My character has been adding meaningful carvings to the bow throughout the time that he's had it. Being able to have it enchanted is the normal way to make a weapon "level" with the character, but it's still a little boring. Plus the bow isn't masterwork, so he'd actually have to buy a new bow. I am running this idea past my DM, but I'd like to share it here and see if what I came up with is reasonable or horribly broken. As a DM I'm not super great at balancing things, and the person DMing this campaign is not very experienced. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Tokala’s bow

Every 5 levels he can choose to “boost” an effect, allowing him to activate a single effect an additional time per day – this is a permanent change. To begin with standard action effects can be activated 2/day, and full round action effects can be activated 1/day. At each level group he gains one additional special effect, a lower level effect can be chosen instead.

0-3: no effect

4-6: +1 to attack/damage;

  • Soaring Shot – as a standard action Tokala can concentrate and double the range increment for his next attack
  • Hunter’s Aim – as a standard action Tokala can focus and gain +2 to attack

7-9: +2 attack/damage;

  • Broken Arrow – as a standard action Tokala can “break” the arrow as it is fired, and hit two targets, the attacks have a -2 penalty and the targets must close enough together (cone type thing, the closer they are to Tokala the closer they must be to each other)
  • Death Bringer – as a standard action Tokala can determine which of his enemies has the lowest HP, when attacking such an enemy he deals +4 damage, he must know that his enemy has the lowest HP
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10-12: +3 attack/damage

  • Tender Care – as a full round action Tokala can concentrate, and gain temp HP equal to his current level, these HP last until the end of the encounter or are exhausted
  • Black Fox Warrior – as a standard action Tokala can give a war cry and gain the focus of nearby enemies, those within 20’ will preference attacking Tokala over others, will save DC (10+CHA mod+½ Hexblade level) negates

13-15: +4 attack/damage

  • Paired Hunt – as a full round action Tokala can provide assistance to an ally, he must attack the same enemy within the same round as his ally, the effect is that the enemy is considered flanked even if Tokala and his ally are not on opposites, the effect only lasts for that round
  • The Night’s Guidance – as a standard action Tokala can call upon the guidance of his guiding “star”, his next attack is a guaranteed critical hit, however he must still roll to hit

16-18: +5 attack/damage

  • Lover’s Aid – as a full round action Tokala can focus to summon additional arrows, the “ghost” arrows deal ½ the damage that the real arrow does, these arrows can strike the same target, or additional targets (at a -2 penalty on each attack for each additional target), for example: if all three arrows strike one opponent then Tokala rolls one attack at normal BAB, if he chooses to strike two opponents then he must make two attacks each at a -2 penalty, if he chooses to strike three opponents, then he must make three attacks each at a -4 penalty. These "ghost" arrows are in addition to additional attacks due to high BAB, however any penalty applies to all attacks in that round
  • Dwarven Bow – as a standard action Tokala can call upon his honorary dwarf status and strike his opponent with a war hammer instead of an arrow, the arrow transforms in flight, this attack has ½ the normal range and deals 1d8 + STR mod damage
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