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Spelljammer-y Setting Pitch, sourcing some ideas from ya’ll

Content of the article: "Spelljammer-y Setting Pitch, sourcing some ideas from ya’ll"

I am aware of Starfinder. I am aware of Dark Matter. I’m not looking for “rules” help, nor am I interested in “OTHER SYSTEMS DO IT BETTER!”

I’m pitching a Spelljammer inspired campaign to my table, for when our current campaign ends. What Id like from all of you, are cool planets, organizations, or even just pure ideas that gel with a Spelljammer feel. Go nuts! Below is my pitch, if it inspires you, leave your ideas in the comments.

Nearly 400 generations have past since the calamity that split the cosmos into the Upper and Lower Verse. The Enginix of the First Imperium, great weapons to protect the galaxy from its enemies, malfunctioned, rending the Weave, and killing billions.

As time has passed, the Grand Cosmos has settled again. The Upper Verse, home to the fuel worlds and farm worlds of The Second Imperium, led by the pure blood Dragonborn, stands as a monolith in contrast to the Lower Verse, The Confederated Spheres, a hodgepodge of forge worlds, homesteaders, Consortium production planets, pioneers, exiles, pirates and the unknown danger of the Black Rim Systems….all held together by Fulcrum, the Neutral City, controlled by the Blinn Union, and the only point in the Grand Cosmos that biological matter can pass between the Upper and Lower Verse.

Between the Verses? Weave Space, which holds to no known law, be it natural or man-made, a collection of alien and unknown planets, where danger is breakfast and death is lunch. Pirates, Corporations, Smugglers, and the Imperium all seek to find a route through Weave Space, to circumvent the monopoly the Blinn Union has on trade and travel. Few return from weave space alive, and never sane.

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Our Adventurers begin on Warehouse Sphere 1138, recently completing the last bits of Consortium Merchant Marine training. A steady stream of Credits and a flat bed await our adventurers, assigned as the new delivery crew for Stardust Shipping and Escort.

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