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Split Reality Puzzles

I made a post earlier about a city in which teleportation would be a key puzzle, but while brainstorming on that I strayed and am now thinking of having teleportation between different realms, namely in the Silent Hill fashion.
I've already got loads of ideas for these realms, what the players will face, what they need to do etc.

What I do need help with is ideas for the basic traversal puzzles.
The premise is that they'll be able to open and close portals to the various realms, and need to use them to solve puzzles.
Each realm will have a common theme when it comes to its integration into puzzles, and I'm hoping people can help me come up with as many examples as possible for each.
There are three realms.

The Real World
The city in which they're trapped in, it is decayed and falling apart; the primary mechanical purpose of this realm is to bypass elements of the world.
For example, they may enter this realm to find broken walls into location, or bypass dangerous devices.

The Dream World
The city is structurally restored, despite a strange grime that seems to make it feel older than the real world; the primary mechanical purpose of this realm is to restore things.
For example, they may enter this realm to restore a bridge, activate a device or find parts to fix something in the Real World.

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The Eldritch World
A dangerous domain, in which the city is coated in black ink and filled with eldritch monsters; the primary mechanical purpose of this realm is to gain artifacts that may be used to reshape the Dream World.
For example, they may find an artifact that inverts shadows and their sources (so the shadow of an inaccessable building may become that building), or inverts gravity to change the traversable layout of a building.

Any and all ideas are welcome and appreciated, don't worry about whether they're fleshed out or not.
At this stage, I just want to compile as many ideas for these sorts of puzzles as possible, and I'll expand on them myself later.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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