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Stagecoach Chase through dark woods skill challenge ideas?

Content of the article: "Stagecoach Chase through dark woods skill challenge ideas?"

Hey I am running my first campaign in a while and I wanted to start things off with a skill challenge.

Basically the PCs are traveling by Stagecoach and attacked by a band of Goblins riding wolf spiders and a giant bat. 5 successes means they reach the destination with the coach intact. 3 failures means the coach is destroyed/unusable. I have a couple ideas for challenges I am pretty happy with…and some that seem kinda lame. Any ideas for challenges or tips on running a skill challenges would be appreciated.

PC: Shifter Echo Fighter(Dex), Human Piss and Vinegar Pugilist, Human Artillerist Artificer, Human Raven Queen Warlock. They all are level 3 and I house ruled everyone gets a free feat.

My challenge ideas so far

  1. Repel Borders: Some of the Goblins jump on the stagecoach and try to reach the driver (an NPC). The Golbins can be killed or shoved off. Pretty much expecting the pugilist with Brawny to shine here.
  2. Douse the fires: One of the Goblins throws a Molotov cocktail on the Stagecoach. The Warlock player is new to d&d and enjoys creative roleplay way more than combat. I am hoping they realize that their Shape Water cantrip is a perfect non combat solution.
  3. Calm the Horse: The Fire spoked the horses . The Echo fighter plans on multiclassing to ranger and has animal handling.
  4. Protect the Driver: The Goblins start targeting the driver. Pugilist has Interception fighting Style, Warlock knows Sanctuary.
  5. Deal with the Bat: The Goblins on the Bat are a problem. I am thinking of making the echo disorienting and regardless they can't lose their pursuers if the Bat can just follow them by sound. The Warlock knows silence or the three range characters can just kill the Bat.
  6. Web Trap: The Goblins webbed up the path ahead. Any type of fire should deal with the web
  7. ???
  8. ???
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I have six ideas I am mostly happy with but I need 2 more. Preferably more stuff or the Artificer to do. I don't know the class that well so I am having trouble thinking of ideas. The Pugilist could probably use some more love as well since they are the only ones with no real ranged option. I am also not sure what DC to set for skill checks. This is suppose to be more of an intro to start the night off on a rolling stop than anything difficult.

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