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Stop thinking of Charisma as a hotness gauge

Content of the article: "Stop thinking of Charisma as a hotness gauge"

I have been a part of many campaigns through many editions of DND and Charisma is probably the hardest stat for most players and DMs. Many make the mistake of thinking of Charisma as a hotness level of NPCs and PCs and don't go into more depth this leads to lots of confusion. Some people I play with don't understand why Bards and Sorcs cast through CHA, why an ugly hag or devil have high CHA, why intimidation is a CHA skill because they only think of CHA as physical attractiveness.

Lets take a quick look at some celebrities that are "hot" with low charisma and some that "aren't as hot" with high charisma. This is a subjective list. Don't mean to put these celebrities down.

High Charisma but without High "Hotness" level – Grandmothers, Comedians, Heads of State, Salesmen
Mother Theresa, Morgan Freeman, Pope Francis, Rebel Wilson, Josh Blue, John Candy, Chris Farley, Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler

High "Hotness" level with Lower Charisma – Ice Queens, D-bag Jocks, Wallflowers
Mariah Carey, Fran Drescher, Mel B, Tyra Bank, Justin Bieber, the cute guy at the bar that stares at you instead of talking to you, (Basically any celebrity that comes off as a D-Bag or Ice Queen), Cute girl that is super shy

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How do I make my PCs/NPCs have low CHA without making them just ugly?
No fashion sense, ice queen aura, don't like being around others, stand too close to people when talking, stutter or mumble, don't get jokes, drone on and on about a topic, have a distinct bad smell, follow people and gives off a creepy vibe, tries to make everything about a certain topic, abrupt and too quick to the point, no small talk, brags constantly, clothes always wrinkled, mismatched outfit, shrill voice, shy, too quiet, would rather read books then be around people, loud, boisterous, etc.

How do I make my PCs/NPCs have high CHA without making them just hot?

Fashion sense, great jokes, interesting stories, aura about them of friendliness, genuinely interested about others, knows when to listen and when to talk, can make you hang on every word, put together, great voice, life of the party, always knows how to get people to come out to the party, has a presence, poised, etc.

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