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Stopped my players overthinking with a cold shower

Content of the article: "Stopped my players overthinking with a cold shower"

I've been running a campaign where the party is exploring dwarven ruins. Back in the day the ruins were occupied by an artficier, therefore they're full of animated armour, traps, moving statues etc. The players had a run of bad luck and got quite hurt two sessions in a row. I knew that they would be very cautious in the third session, which we had tonight.

So on the map (we play on roll20) I repurposed a small room off of the artificiers chambers. It was meant to be a store room, 15 by 10 feet, but I described it differently. The players saw an empty, dark room with marble floors and walls. It sloped down very gently and at the far end stood a puddle of stagnant water. Through the gloom the characters could see what appeared to be a small clock three inches wide on the far wall.

Very cautiously the players moved in, and I mean cautiously! It was 5-10 minutes of talking about whether or not to cast detect magic, what walls to knock on to check for traps etc. Eventually three entered the room and one looked at the clock. He saw that the numbers were dwarven, but instead of going from 12 – 11 they counted from 0 – 11. Both hands pointed upwards to 0. The big hand was blue and the small hand was red. The party spoke for a bit more and readied actions to attack if enemies popped out. The character in front span the big blue hand to 11.

Another character screamed "Not to 11!" but it was too late. Upon the ceiling unseen runs flared and a dense, dark, miniature stormcloud appeared. Within moments ice cold rain pelted down with the force of hammers. Take 1d4 cold and 1d4 thunder damage. DC 12 strength save, on a fail knocked prone. Two of the three in the room were knocked prone. The third ran to the clock, DC 12 acrobatics check, saves it and doesn't trip. He turns the blue hand back to zero.

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The party recover themselves and one exclaims "Oh my god it's a shower, the red hand is temperature and the blue hand is pressure." We all burst out laughing for ages 🙂 and from then on they stopped over thinking things and got more from the session.

If you read this ramble all the way thanks! Hope it might help if you have the same problem.

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