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Story time with Kobolds

Content of the article: "Story time with Kobolds"

Be me: Kol-Jha, Kobold Sorcerer

Be not me: Yeet Gnoll Ranger, Murdut Ork Fighter, DM

Session Open.

Still wounded from hawk attacks last session.

Gather up the dead hawks into our burlap sacks.

Me: "We should find some shelter to rest and heal before more of them show up."

Yeet heads off to scout for shelter.

Me: Wishes for a journal while Yeet is off searching for shelter…. don't have that spell and nothing that can cast it heard/cared.

So an Ork, a Gnoll, and a Kobold walk into a forest…

Luckily doesn't turn into a joke at our expense.

Find a secure spot away from the road and build camp.

Nothing but natural healing for the night…

Start electrocuting wood with cantrips to build a fire.

Something might be out there… Murdut & Yeet roll perception.

Murdut crit fails… tosses rock at something he thinks he sees…

Crit fails rock bounces off tree and back to him.

Yeet is watching the canopy… why?

Yeet looks away and helps get the fire going then eyes back on the trees.

Is something watching us?

Maybe but for now the wounded Kobold is just eating sky-chicken and trying to be secure in his fox-hole.

Cast detect magic and scan the canopy just in case magic enemies above us… nope.

Kol-Jha covers the hole with a sack and hides within as he finishes off his dinner and gets some rest.

Whatever it is that's out there, if anything is our there, is just watching for now.

Murdut's watch… goes quietly.

Kol-Jha's turn, always best to strike on the caster's shift…

Keeping watch from the safety of his foxhole and tending the fire

If anything is actually watching that's all it's doing.

Eventually Kol-Jha spies the watcher.

Greets them. Offers food.

Watcher slips from the tree and becomes a bird, lands not too far away and turns back into a man.

Strike up a conversation, offer some of our fried sky-chicken.

Get offered some Goodberry in return and eat one.

Wake the party and enjoy breakfast with the watcher.

Ask him for confirmation we're on the right track toward the tower as we break camp, extinguish our fire, and prepare to head out.

The watcher offers healing as a gift.

Learning just how skilled a caster the watcher is ask about having our bodies returned to normal…


Told that what happened isn't a curse. Told it'll take very strong magic to fix us.

With the party healed we head out, with the watcher warning he'll back back to reverse our healing should we harm the forest.

All in all a pleasant meeting with a Druid.

Yeets survival roll is lower than usual. We think we're going in the right direction still.

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Travel for a while, see a light in the distance

have Yeet lift Kol-Jha to get a better look…

branch in the way, climb onto it

try to sta- slip

Yeet wiffs catching me

Nail the acrobatics to not take damage…

Grab Yeets fur to slow the fall.

Me: Sorrys & drops the ripped out fur tufts

Murdut just marching on while the two of us engage in our silliness.

Reach the end of the forest…

Our destination in sight!

Gigantic tower on an island on a lake before us, the wizard's tower.

Sun is beginning to set… decide to travel a bit further toward the giant tower in the distance before making camp.

Zzzap up another fire and build a camp in the open…

Hopefully we're not grabbed by a Roc or something.

Yeet spies something in the grass… doesn't appear to be coming closer.

DM: What's your touch AC?

Oh shit.

… a giant flea?

It leaps at Yeet!

Hit! Blood draining!

Wake up Kol-Jha to help deal with it.


Try to pull the flea off… no dice, can't grab it

Con Damage to Yeet.

Try jolting it… miss and hit Yeet. Yell to wake Murdut.

Yeet tried prying it off… it's stuck on pretty tight.

Murdut wakes up and joins the fight

ZZZAP! Fried flea… before Murdut gets an action.

Murdut's watch as Yeet gets to rest after the Con damaging.

No fleas for Murdut… just bats squeaking as the catch insect-sized insects.

Kol-Jha's shift, best time to attack… low roll on perception and % luck.

Surprisingly no froghemoth rain.

Travel begins…

Looking down at the grand city surrounding the tower… surprisingly no guard activity by the walls.


Munching on fried sky-chicken leg as we make our way down to the strange city surrounding the tower.

Reach the bridge to the tower's island… a strange armor and mist construct walks out to the end of the bridge.

Yeet steps on the bridge… construct draws it's sword and swings at her.

Murdut says we're here to see the wizard and it stops… let's us pass to the strange city.

A half hour later we're at the gates…. the closed gates.

Look around for a way to open the gate.

No apparent way in…

Shout: We're here to see the Wizard at the gate.

No effect.

Search the walls nearby for any secret buttons… none to be found.

Detect magic… everything is magic here.

Try asking the construct on the other end of the bridge… ignores us.

Sprint back as Yeet knocks hard enough to get the gate to open.

Met by a squad of the mist golems.

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'We're here to see the Wizard.' Yeet says and most of them stand down.

Final one continues to stand before us

Decide to approach the construct… it withdraws

Oh! It's going to lead us there.

Party follows the construct as we get a partial tour showing off the abandoned but immaculate city.

Quite the significant walk later we're still not at the tower but the construct has lead us to an inn.

On the inside it's styled like a modern hotel…. odd.

Ring the desk bell but no staff ever show up.

Take a look at the guest book… last guest was years ago.

Murdut writes his name into the book and a key teleports to him.

Kol-Jha writes his name… and also gets a key. Not quite the same, smaller… size specific rooms

Murdut wonders off to find the lock his key opens.

Yeet is illiterate…

Tried scribbling… no key.

Kol-Jha writes 'Yeet Brokenfang' into the book… nothing happens

Yeet tries to copy the writing

Kol-Jha tries scribbling in where Yeet is from and… a key appears!

Kol-Jha explains to match the number on the key to a door. We all find our rooms.

All the rooms are perfectly tailored to what the taste of a Gnol, Ork, and Kobold respectively… though the strange place still can't tell Murdut & Kol-Jha are suppose to be male.

Kol-Jha dives onto his bed and relaxes as the party settles into the strange inn.

Party finds it easy to get a nice restful sleep…

Wake up peacefully and start the next day.

Party meets back up at the lobby.

Murdut & Kol-Jha return the keys and step out… Yeet tries to leave with the key

Yeet is blocked from leaving by an invisible wall until she returns they key.

Follow the construct from yesterday deeper into the city.

Eventually reach the gate to the tower…

Step inside and it doesn't appear to have closed behind us… good.

Construct stops leading until we ask to see the wizard and it keeps going.

Once inside the constructs swap out and we're lead by a construct wearing armor stylizes as if it were robes rather than protective equipment.

Murdut questions the construct to no effect… weird metalic sound coming from the door the construct leads us to.

Sound is louder with the door open and construct within…

Beyond the door is a circular room with constructs standing guard at each exit from the room…

Gigantic blade barrier above us and dried blood covering the floor… can we go back inside?

As much as we'd like to we need to meet the wizard.

The guard to one of the doors steps aside when our guide construct approaches and we are again being lead by the strange thing.

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Stairs… thousands of them on a curving staircase

up… and up… and up… and up… and up… and up… and up… and up… and up… and how tall is this tower anyway… and up… and up… and up… and I'll spare you the rest of the '… and up's and skip to us arriving at the door.

It opens revealing a library… no not quite, more like a study but it's empty. No one but the party here.

Look back to the const- oh the door closed behind us.


Might as well pick a book… philosophy, history, fiction…

Grab a philosophy book and start reading.

Yeet is so confused by the strange room.

Kol-Jha reads the philosophy book aloud, kind of trying to help Yeet learn to read… maybe philosophy wasn't the best subject but Yeet seems to like being read to.

Time flies with a good book but the absence of the wizard grows ever more suspicious as the reading continues.

Murdut finishes his history book then begins on a work of fiction as Kol-Jha continues to try to teach Yeet literacy and philosophy with his book.

Hours continue to pass and if we were out in the great out-doors we'd be making camp by now.

Murdut tries to leave the room… nope still trapped.

Books but no wizard… hrm.

Yeet tries to open the door… yeah no.

Curl up on the chairs and sleep for the night.

Session end.

Meet the Party

Previous Session

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