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Strong Alcohol burned bridges for us

Content of the article: "Strong Alcohol burned bridges for us"

>Be me, Tiefling wizard

>Be not me, Human rouge, Human barbarian and Elf fighter

>Have some time to kill before having to stop the BBEG's newest plan

>Barbarian decide to go to the local magic shop because he heard they had some hard AF alcohol there

>After rejecting the most common alcohols they had, he started to get angry on the shopkeeper

>Knowing what a 300 lbs of pure muscle and anger issues could do to his shop, the guy gives up and goes to the back of the shop to get the good shit

>The guy returns with a small vial filled with an orange liquid, in the label it says "FireBall"

>The shopkeeper says that just half of it would be enough to get an adult dragon fucked up

>Barbarian buys it anyway because alcoholic

>Fast forward two sessions later, we're negotiating an alliance with a local guild of bards and spies to make sure they don't do businesess with the BBEG

>The negotiations are going… okay; We are being rational and there have been no threats of violence, but the tension in the room is very noticeable.

>The barbarian tries to calm the situation by offering some shots from his "FireBall" to the main negotiator

>Said negotiator is a halfling that the DM described as "Small even by Halfling standards"

>She isn't exacly happy about the idea of drinking at work, but she decides to accept out of courtesy

>The room is immediatly is filled with the smell of alcohol the moment the bottle is opened

Read:  Running a large living breathing open world.

>The barbarian purs two shots (Because literally everybody else declined to drink) and gives it to her

>The Halfing is visibly regreating her decision, but mama didn't raise no quitter, so she accepts it.

>She waits until the barbarian starts drinking to drink herself. He drinks it all, while she can only manage 3/4 of it

>Both start to cough like hell, I could swear I saw some embers coming out of their mouths.

>We tried to keep going, but they were obviously too intoxicate to even talk straight, so we call it a day

>On the morning, the barbarian is having the hangover to end all hangovers, so we just leave him be and tried the negotiations again, but they told us the halfing was still drunk as hell, they told us to return tomorrow

>We return the next day, and she was still drunk. And the next, and the next

>A whole fucking week past until she was able to form coherent thought, and then she didn't wanted to even hear about us

>Needless to say, there were no more negotiations

In defense of our barbarian, that shopkeer had a serious history of exaggerating and overhypeing his own products to the point of absurdity, so he thought he was buying a slightly stronger type of tequila or something like that.

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