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Stuck on writing aa multi-session adventure for mainly new players, please help!

Content of the article: "Stuck on writing aa multi-session adventure for mainly new players, please help!"

(If you are a first-year Film Production Student at AUB, go away this post is not for you, shoo)

Hey everyone, I will be hosting a multisession adventure for 3 new players and 1 experienced player soon. It is going to be set in an arctic setting, aiming for Vikingr vibes. I felt really confident about being able to write an adventure with some interesting lore, but I am struggling hard and would appreciate all the help I can get.

This is what I've considered so far and roughly which direction I'd like to go;

The starting location is going to be a small village, possibly an outpost in the far south of the isle. Remote, silent, generally undisturbed. The party, consisting of 4 LVL 3 characters (an Alchemist Artificer, a Vengeance Oath Paladin, a wild magic Barbarian and an Arcane Trickster Rogue from a faraway land) starts off knowing each other for ease of RPing, not too much mysterious business. On Sunday we will have our session zero where I and the other experienced player will answer all questions they have about the game and rules, as well as getting to know all each other's fantasy interests and created characters.

I thought of maybe the party getting sought out by the apprentice of the village Seer, who for sake of rules will be the village druid. The Seer has been having unpleasant nightmares as of late. the nightmare's description I have not yet written, but they are supposed to point to undead rising from the graves, think Skyrim Draugr style. The Seer also saw 4 seemingly unconnected star signs connect and align. Of course, all of the star signs descriptions will fit all of the player's backstory, not so subtly too. Our Dragonborn Alchemist Artificer is looking for ancient Dragonborn arcane knowledge to find out more about his ancestry and empower his breath weapon, so I might describe one of the star signs as being a flaming streak of forgotten power coming from a mouth of a thousand suns or some shit like that.

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They will be asked to investigate the cemetery that is situated a little way outside of the village's walls and discover that indeed, the dead are rising. Queue the instructional first combat, I want it to be simple so the new players can get to know the action economy and describing of hits a little without having to worry they are going to die. Throw 3 skeletons and a spectre against them, et voilá, simple combat. After getting rid of the enemies, they go look around the place, find Zhajets, the Dragonborn grave keeper, hidden in one of the empty graves. He is friendly and very thankful for getting those "abominations" away from him. He heals the party up as he's a grave cleric and the party questions him on what happened/is happening.

And this is where I got stuck.

Why are the dead rising? What bigger entity is behind this? How will the party discover this?

I have been looking at undead "bosses" so to speak for their level, but I am not sure what would be suitable.

Any advice, suggestions or general ideas are wholeheartedly welcomed!

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