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Surprise guest staring PC real Father as “in game” Father in the campaign

Content of the article: "Surprise guest staring PC real Father as “in game” Father in the campaign"

Thought the community might find this interesting! I’m currently GMing SKT (No STK spoilers) and we had a pretty awesome event in the game take place last night. It all started several months ago when my bard PC found the book of Misspell..

  • a magical item that when in the presence of certain spells being cast with a verbal component changes the word mid cast to something funny/interesting such as mage Armor -> mage armoir, hold person -> fold person ect.._

… which most importantly it can change Speak with Dead to Speak with Dad.

One such PC’s (PC A) backstory included not knowing who their family was as they were left at a monastery for most of their available memory. After understanding that one event would lead to another and PC A would do everything in their power to learn this spell I knew we could make something special happen. In passing PC A had mentioned their Father was into DnD when he was younger. So I sought to be connected to PC A’s real father through a mutual connection/ another PC (PC B) in the game and got him in on the event. PC B and I contacted the father and sure enough he was more then willing to participate!! After 2.5 months of coordination, a perilous adventure for the Arcane Brotherhood, careful coordination/making sure the event landed on a night he was available, and a rather specific reward for their trouble the stage was set.

The guest star figured out the online system, had his talking points in hand for information to hook the next part of the adventure, juicy dets to drop for the PC, covered his face to extend the charade as long as possible and came with amazing ability to role play. What ensued was one of the most rewarding sessions I have ever been lucky enough to participate in! There was shock, laughter, disbelief, PCs running away from their computer in surprise only to return to be entranced by the tale of the PCs father!

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All in all a great session and looking at the silver lining might not have happened unless we were forced to meet online. If you have the opportunity to do something like that take it! It was well worth it! Thanks for reading!

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