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Swarmkeepers duel in the sky over god philosophy

Content of the article: "Swarmkeepers duel in the sky over god philosophy"

(Sorry for bad english or weird phrasing, english is not my language)

be me, lvl 7 Half orc swarmkeeper ranger, short campaign of inquisitors vs rebels, I'm on the church side

my philosophy is that the church should be like a colony of insects. There is a god (the queen), and everybody else has a job to do for the greater good of the church, give mind mentality. I use literal insects that live in my body for the subclass

traveling in a gondola, we are in a Venice inspired city, and the gondolier is a masked men that starts talking me about god

"what is your vision about god, good sir?"

talk about the order of power, the superior power and to do what you are told, even if you can't comprehend it.

"that's really good, but I believe that a God is what it is only because people believe that is a God. If people believe that I'm a God, wouldn't I gain the powers of one?"

"you are trying to take the position of something far above your head, you cannot defy divinity."

hundreds of seagulls star swarming the place, the gondolier says he is from the rebel faction. The seagulls swarms arround him and gave him the ability to fly, forming massive wings in the form of an angel.


we roll initiative, an ambush of various rogues with crossbows surround us

while the party fight the various rogues, I jump from the gondola and activate my own fly, and a giant swarm of bugs emerges from my armor, creating wings of bugs.

we fight in the sky for 3 rounds, he throwing seagulls at me while I hit him with my insect-covered quaterstaff (shillelag) and flying bug (summon beast).

the party kill the last rogue while I barely manage to kill the leader.

"you are a disgrace, an heretic and a sinner, taking the place of god is the worst sin of all, may you find redemption in another life" I speak to him while giving him the final blow to the head, and he starts to fall down to the river.

seagulls start to eat his body even before he reaches the water.

10/10 fight with 2 flying humanoids covered in birds and bugs.

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