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Swashbuckling Sword Bard Battle Master . . . does this work?

Content of the article: "Swashbuckling Sword Bard Battle Master . . . does this work?"

Okay, I just want to get some feedback on a build I just put together. Does the math (and rules) check out?

I’ve been playing this the character for a while, but now we’re about to jump to a level 20 game.

He’s a wood elf, Swashbuckler (11), Sword Bard (6), Battlemaster (3).

He started as a Rogue to level 3, then went Bard. My intentions had always been to go to Bard 6 for the extra attack and then go back to Rogue for the remaining 14 levels to increase the Sneak Attack damage. But as I was putting it together, creativity got in the way.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

He as a +15 on initiative (Alert Feat) so he almost always goes first. He’s taken Dual Wielder and Two-Weapon fighting.

Using a Defensive Flourish, with a +2 magic rapier in each hand he advances and does a Precision Attack Maneuver. Because of his Swashbuckling past, he gets a Sneak Attack in most cases (might take a little work, but he can usually find a way to make it work).

Damage is 1d8+7 (weapon) + 1d8 (Blade Flourish) + 1d8 (Maneuver) + 6d6 (Sneak Attack) for an average of 42.

With his offhand attack he does an additional 1d8+7 (weapon) + 1d8 (Maneuver) – Average 16

For his Second Attack, he does an additional 1d8+7 (weapon) + 1d8 (Maneuver) – Average 16

He’s now burned three of his four Superiority Dice so for his Action Surge, he’ll just do a standard 1d8+7 – Average 11.5

His opponent takes a swing . . . if he hits, Uncanny Dodge lets me reduce the damage by half, but if he misses . . . A Riposte (as a reaction) will use his last Superiority Die, for an additional 1d8 + 6d6 for the Sneak Attack. – Average 25.5

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That’s 110 hit points of damage by the end of the first round. Granted, that leaves him with just a Blade Flourish (and three attacks) for the next round, Even so, if he were to just run off and hide behind a rock and cast spells for the rest of the fight, he still put a pretty big dent in someone.

Does anyone see something that isn’t allowed?

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