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SWAT Team Halfling: Power up ideas?

Content of the article: "SWAT Team Halfling: Power up ideas?"

My Halfling Druid has a little community to protect, and since I can't be there all the time I vetted them all for "potential" (the "thing" that allows people to become Fighters instead of Guards, or learn magic etc. in our campaign).

I now have a group of level 1 Halfling Adventurers that do quests which are beneath our attention, and it's a fun little hobby project.

We roll for the mental stats of anything I awaken, which has been a mixed bag for sure, but the tree I Awakened to give the group some muscle rolled a 16 for INT and has "potential", so the local Wizard Academy now has an unconvential student.

Their team leader is a Paladin. She's in Full Plate, with a +1 Shield and Weapon, because no one in our group actually used those items, and just tonight I was gifted a trained and armored Owlbear, that I couldn't really refuse due to politics, but I can't really lug it around either, so I've gifted it to my champion here.

The third member of the team is a Barbarian, but he's a pretty terrible one to be honest. With his stats he's mostly Mr. Furious from Mystery Men, but I'm sending them on a quest to track down a Werebear, which would turn him from useless to Juggernaut in one little bite.

If that succeedes, which is by no means guaranteed, those three will be absolute power houses. An Awakened Tree Wizard, an absurdly overequipped Paladin on an Owlbear, and a Werebear Barbarian.

The two remaining party members are a Storm Sorcerer and a Bard, but compared to the three others they're… well they're just level 1 Halflings with good stats. I can't really figure out any way to power them up quickly, but maybe you can?

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In our campaign, Common and Uncommon magic items can be purchased, but above that they usually have to be tracked down, and it's friggin hard, with year long (IRL) plotlines involved, so it COULD involve magic items, but preferably Common/Uncommon ones.

We're level 12, and a three man party.

  • Chain Hexblade 3 / Divine Soul 8 / Bard 1
  • Wizard 12 (with a Homebrew class that makes walls which isn't relevant)
  • Moon Druid 11 / Paladin 1.

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