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Sweet Mine o´ Mine- A short dungeon crawl adventure


This is a small adventure I came up with as an introductory quest into the Underdark. The adventure takes place in an abandoned mine that is connected to the upper Underdark.

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Sweet Mine o´ Mine

This is a short 5th edition adventure, that can be dropped in anywhere as a module. The adventure can be used as an introduction to the Underdark. The adventure is designed and balanced for 3 players around levels 2-3. The monsters in the adventure use stat blocks from Basic rules and 5e Monster manual.

Adventure background

Deegan Gorunn has gotten into a bit of a problem. After a night of drinking, Deegan found out that in his drunken state, he had bought an abandoned mine that for cheap. However, there is a crux to this mine. When he went to inspect the mine, he soon found out that local wildlife had moved into the mine. He also swears he could hear someone whistling from deep inside the mine.

To not embarrass himself in front of the local community anymore, he has now put out a contract notice for someone to clear his newly required mine.

Notable NPCs

Vossa Copperfist

Vossa Copperfist is a Deep gnome, that can be described as calculative and focused. Unlike ordinary gnomes, she is a person of few words and quite cold, but deep down she is insightful and kind.

Her appearance is quite typical for a deep gnome; a wiry and lean build, gray skin, dark gray eyes, and ash white hair. Her facial expressions are usually quite cold, but when scared or frustrated she becomes more lively in her expressions.

The second level in the mine offers suitable conditions for Vossas mushroom farm. The mushrooms that Vossa grows in the mine can be made into a red cloth fabric that is highly sought after.

Deegan Gorunn

Deegan Gorunn is a shield dwarf, that can be described as temperamental and emotional. He makes up his mind quite fast and can be somewhat gruff and stubborn when his views are challenged. Despite his faults, there is another side to Deegan. To his friends and allies, Deegan is loyal and compassionate perhaps somewhat of a Teddy bear.

Deegan has the appearance of a typical shield dwarf; a stout build, fair skin, green eyes, and a thick red beard. He has expressive mannerisms, and one could say Deegan wears his emotions on his sleeves.

Deegan uses the Berserker stat block from 5e monster manual and he has the following adventuring gear:

  • – 1xBackpack
  • – 1xBullseye lantern
  • – 1xRope (50 feet)
  • – 1xFlask (Whiskey)
  • – 1xWaterskin
  • – 1xSmall cheese wheel

Adventuring prompts

  1. Contract. The adventuring party will find the contract that Deegan has put up on the village noticeboard.
  2. Rumors. If the adventuring party asks for tasks by the villagers, they will point them to Deegan.
  3. Fateful encounter. They accidentally run into Deegan in the village tavern.

The Adventure begins

Whichever prompt is used, they will end up meeting Deegan in the village tavern. Deegan is seemingly embarrassed and frustrated, regretful even, by his decision to buy the mine. Either way, he does not want to lose his face in front of the Villagers. After explaining the situation to the adventuring party, he is willing to give them 20 gold pieces each for clearing the mine. Deegan will help the party clearing the mine in order to be sure that the mine is safe.

After stocking up on provision and supplies needed for clearing the mine, the adventuring party will meet up with Deegan in front of the Village tavern.

Traveling to the mine is easy enough. Deegan knows the way and the local animals and creatures stay away from an adventuring party this large. After a five-hour walk into the mountains, the adventuring party will arrive at the entrance to the mine.

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The Mine

Unless told otherwise, these are the features of the dungeon:

  • Ceilings. Ceilings in the dungeon are 12 feet high
  • Floors and Walls. The floors and walls are made of earth.
  • Sounds. Throughout the mine, the adventuring party can hear water dripping from the damp walls and ceilings.
  • Light. The 1st floor is shrouded in darkness. The 2nd floor is dimly lit by fluorescent moss growing on the dungeon walls. The third floor is shrouded in darkness.

1st Floor

1. Entrance chamber.

As the adventuring party enters the dungeon they can hear a growling sound from the inside. On the floors, there are some half-chewed animal carcasses. There is a musky smell in the air.

Encounter: Brown bearAs the adventuring party enters the room they can see a large brown bear, growling and snarling at them. The party can try a group DC 15 Charisma (intimidation) check to scare the brown bear away. The bear will attack if the party fails the check or tries to approach the bear.

2. Workshop chambers.

The chamber seems to have been a workshop, where the miners repaired and stored their tools. On the tables, there are a few rusty pickaxes still left behind.

Treasure: KeyIf a character succeeds on a DC 12 Wisdom (Perception) check they can find a key under one of the tables.

3. Main chamber of the first floor

At the back of the chambers, there is a large sinkhole descending over 75 feet down to the second floor. The adventuring party can not see the second floor from the first floor because of the darkness.

Puzzle: descending to the 2nd floor

The adventuring party can make different checks (investigation or perception) to try to figure out how deep the sinkhole goes. This is an open-ended puzzle, meaning the adventuring party can come up with different solutions for descending deeper into the mine.

A character that falls through the sinkhole will take 1d6 bludgeoning damage for every 10 feet it falls. A character that falls can attempt a DC 15 Dexterity(Acrobatics) check, to only take two-thirds of the damage from falling.

2nd Floor

After descending to the 2nd floor, the adventuring party can see a dim light from the large chamber situated deeper in the mine. The air is humid and damp, and there is a slightly earthy scent lingering around. Deegan will notice that this floor has mostly been mined out of minerals. The rich veins are probably somewhere deeper.

4. Corridor to the main chambers

In the corridor leading to the large chamber, there is wire stretching between the walls of the corridor.

Trap: Swinging log.A DC 12 Wisdom (Perception) check allows a character to spot the wire. A successful DC 15 Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check using thieves' tools disables the trip wire harmlessly. A character without thieves' tools can try this check with disadvantage using any edged weapon or edged tool. On a failed check, the trap triggers. If the trap is triggered, the log swings in a 10-foot line. Each creature in that line must succeed on a DC 13 Dexterity (Acrobatics) saving throw or take 2 (1d6) bludgeoning damage from the swinging log.

5. Side chamber

There are noticeable marks of mining activity on the walls of this chamber and occasionally you can see some mineral veins. A DC 12 Intelligence (Investigation) check reveals that there is a petrified fossil on one of the walls.

Treasure: Petrified fossilThe adventuring party can attempt to dig out the fossil. A DC 12 Strength (Athletics) check allows the adventuring party to dig out the fossil. The fossil is worth 25 gold.

6. Large chamber

The large chamber is filled with mushrooms of different sizes. The moss growing on the cavern walls glow a faint blue light. The chamber has a dome-like shape and the ceiling is about 24 feet high.

Hazard: Poisonous mushrooms

The red mushrooms that Vossa grows in this chamber are poisonous. A character that tries to eat some of the mushrooms, must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or take 2d6 poison damage.

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A DC 15 Intelligence(Nature) check allows a character to identify the mushroom as Tailor's cap- a poisonous mushroom that can be used for red clothing.

Encounter: Vossa Copperfist

As the adventuring party makes their way to the middle of the chamber they can hear a clicking sound and a stern and cold voice :

"Stop! Who are you and what are you doing in my mushroom patch?"

Vossa Copperfist emerges from the shadows, armed with a crossbow. After the initial introductions the following scene takes place:

” -Your Mine? Pff, I've been farming mushrooms in this mine for 2 years now without anybody disturbing me. This mine was abandoned when I found it, and I don't give a damn about some scribble on paper”. Vossa sneers as she looks Deegan straight in the eyes.

The insults fly back and forth until Deegan finally snaps:

”-THIS IS MY MINE AND THIS TITLE PROVES MY OWNERSHIP! Let's help this half-pint move.” Deegan's temperament is boiling over and his palms go white while clenching his battleaxe.

Vossa takes a few big breaths and steps back:

– Calm down now. Maybe we can come to an ..arrangement. I know a thing or two about this mine. I'm happy to help you clear out this mine if I am allowed to continue farming my mushrooms on this floor.

The adventuring party can approach the scene in two different ways; They can try negotiating a deal

with Vossa or force Vossa away.


If the adventuring party tries to negotiate a deal with Vossa they will have to calm Deegan down. To calm Deegan down, the group has to succeed on a DC 12 Charisma(Persuasion) check. If the adventuring party successfully calms Deegan down, he will grumpily utter:

”Hmph fine, I guess this floor has already been mined out. You better keep up your end of the deal or I will throw you out..half-pint”

After Deegan and Vossa have agreed on splitting the mine, she will relay the following information to the adventuring party:

  • The descent to the third floor is 80 feet.
  • A Grick has made a nest on the third floor. If they want to clear the mines of any threat, the adventuring party will need to kill the Grick and its possible broodlings.
  • Vossa sealed a tunnel connecting the mine to the Underdark in order to stop more monsters from pouring into the mine. The lone Grick should be the only real threat on the third floor.

Afterward, she will give the adventuring party two herbal potions that heal for 2d4+2 health.

Force Vossa out of the mine.

If the adventuring party tries to force Vossa out, she will utter bitterly:

” How unfortunate. I did not want to do this, but good luck”.

Before the adventuring party can take any action, Vossa will shoot her crossbow into the dark, shattering hidden glass jars filled with Stirges. Vossa will disappear instantly after shooting the crossbow.

Encounter: Three StirgesThree Stirges will appear from the same direction where you could hear glass breaking.

7.Collapsed Tunnel

There is a collapsed tunnel on the western wall of the large chamber. The adventuring party can make a DC 12 Strength (Athletics) check to clear the rubble. Inside the collapsed tunnel there is a dwarf skeleton.

Treasure: gold ringIf a character succeeds on a DC 12 Wisdom (Perception) check they can find a gold ring on the ground near the skeleton. The gold ring is worth 30 gold.

8. Sinkhole to the third floor

In the back of the large chamber is another sinkhole descending even further down. The sinkhole leading to the third floor is blocked off with piles of rocks that need to be cleared. The rocks are preventing anything from climbing up from the third floor.

The adventuring party can hear water flowing from an underground river. The descent to the third floor is 80 feet, but the darkness hinders the adventuring party from examining the third floor.

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Puzzle: Descending to the third floor.Similar to the second-floor descent, the adventuring party can make different checks ( investigation or perception) to try to figure out how deep the sinkhole goes. This is an open-ended puzzle, meaning the adventuring party can come up with different solutions for descending deeper into the mine.

A character that falls through the sinkhole will take 1d6 bludgeoning damage for every 10 feet it falls.

A character that falls, can attempt a DC 15 Dexterity( Acrobatics) check, to only take two-thirds of the damage from falling.

Third floor

The third floor is shrouded in darkness. The adventuring party can hear water flowing from somewhere deep in the cave. The third floor is spacious and the ceiling lies about 30 feet in the air throughout the cave.

9. Main Chamber

The main chamber is empty. There are mineral veins on the walls and chunks of rocks riddle the floor. A few bats are flying around high in the ceiling, hunting for insects.

10. The Grick nest

As the adventuring party delves deeper into the mine they will start noticing more and more remains of bats on the floor. In the corners of the Grick nest, there are bits of oblong green eggshells.

”Small bones riddle the ground. In a corner of the room, there are stones stacked into a nest. Around the nest, small wormlike creatures are sprawling around."

Encounter: The GrickThe Grick wormlings seem to be waiting for something to happen. Soon after the Grick will ambush the adventuring party from the cave ceiling.

Treasure: Butchered Grick remainsDeegan tells the adventuring party, that Gricks are a highly sought-after delicacy and he will allow the player party to butcher the Grick. The butchered Grick remains are worth a total of 50 gold.

11. Storage room

Near the Gricks nest, there is a large metal door on one of the walls. The door is locked and seems quite sturdy. The door can be opened with the key found on the first floor. Alternatively, a character can lockpick the door with a DC 16 Dexterity(Sleight of Hand) check. Using thieves' tools gives an advantage on the roll.

Treasure: Mineral ores.Deegan quickly identifies that these are silver ores that have been stored. Characters can find a total of 50 gold worth of silver and copper ore in the room. Deegan won't give up the silver ore willingly, but the adventuring party can try stealing some of the silver ores, by succeeding a DC 17 Dexterity (Sleight of hand) check. A character gains an advantage on the roll if Deegan is distracted by the other party members.


After the mine has been cleared, the adventuring party will return with Deegan to town. In town, Deegan will reward the adventuring party.

If the adventuring party decided to negotiate with Vossa, they can return to her for more information about the Underdark.

The collapsed tunnel can be cleared, allowing the adventuring party to go deeper into the Upper Underdark.

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