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Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Confirmed Subclasses

Content of the article: "Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Confirmed Subclasses"

Note: Reposting this because mods removed the original thread without explanation and didn't respond to requests for the reason. Now I am getting a ton of DMs and chats asking me what classes are confirmed. As this doesn't violate any rules and it's highly requested, I am sharing it again for the community.

I keep seeing a bunch of different threads asking what subclasses have been confirmed.

We are able to infer what subclasses have been confirmed because:

  • WotC has announced that there will be 30 subclasses in Tasha's.
  • WotC has announced that 8 subclasses will be reprinted.
  • WotC has announced that all subclasses were playtested.
  • Unearthed Arcana more than 1 year old is considered abandoned.

Here's a list for your convenience:

Subclass Class Last Print Confirmed? New?
Alchemist Artificer Eberron by WotC N
Armorer Artificer by Tanya DePass Y
Artillerist Artificer Eberron by WotC N
Battle Smith Artificer Eberron by WotC N
Path of the Beast Barbarian N Y
Path of Wild Magic Barbarian by WotC Y
College of Creation Bard by Omega Jones Y
College of Eloquence Bard Theros by WotC N
Order Domain Cleric Ravnica by WotC N
Twilight Cleric N Y
Unity Cleric N Y
Circle of Spores Druid Ravnica by WotC N
Circle of Stars Druid N Y
Circle of Wildfire Druid N Y
Psi Knight Fighter N Y
Rune Knight Fighter N Y
Way of Mercy Monk N Y
Way of the Astral Self Monk N Y
Oath of Glory Paladin Theros by WotC N
Oath of the Watchers Paladin N Y
Fey Wanderer Ranger N Y
Swarmkeeper Ranger N Y
Phantom Rogue N Y
Soulknife Rogue N Y
Clockwork Soul Sorcerer N Y
Psionic Mind Sorcerer by Christian Hoffer Y
Genie Patron Warlock by Mica Burton Y
Lurker in the Deep Warlock N Y
Bladesinger Wizard Sword Coast by WotC Y
Order of Scribes Wizard N Y
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If the chart says "N" under "Confirmed?" it's because that subclass has not been specifically confirmed, though we are able to infer all 30 classes that will be printed.

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