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Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Improves Conjurer Wizard significantly.

Content of the article: "Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Improves Conjurer Wizard significantly."

Finally received my copy of Tasha's and am thrilled with all the options and content.

Looking over the new spells, I'm pleased with the direction the summoning spells went, both for the ease of use mechanics wise and the move away from 1 minute cast times. With 1 action cast times, this brings previous edition's summoner flavor to wizards starting at level 5.

While the lack of summon spells is notable in 1st and 2nd level spells, I imagine this is intentional to keep it out of reach for Spell Mastery at later levels. Out of eight new summon spells, 6 are available to the wizard (all except summon beast and summon celestial).

These spells all synchronize well with the Conjuration school subclass for wizard, as both Focused Conjuration and Durable Summons apply to 5 of the 6 summons. Summon Undead doesn't get these boons as it is listed as Necromancy (though it lists conjuration on page 75 for Additional Wizard Spells, I think it is clearly intended to be necromancy).

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The 30 hit points given by Durable Summons (albeit at 14th level) makes these summons as hardy as a spell upcast 2-3 levels higher and Focused Conjuration means they'll stick around for the duration.

Summon Aberration, Summon Shadowspawn, and Summon Fiend bring the otherworldly feel to summoning without the risks introduced by Summon Lesser Demons, Summon Greater Demons, and Infernal Calling. One of my favorite prestige classes from 3.5 was the malconvoker, a seemingly villainous demonologist who deceives evil to destroy itself and these spells allow for that flavor without putting the party at risk for TPK (because uncontrolled summons in an already difficult encounter can easily tip the balance of action economy and result in party wipe).

Summon Undead brings the necromancy flavor (and similarly benefits the necromancer school subclass abilities for wizards) without all the upkeep/bookkeeping of Animate Dead. It also adds this spell to Warlock spell lists (and oddly, not the Cleric's).

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These spells are more in line with the old Summon Monster X lines of spells, and paves the way for future summon type spells. Summon Dragonkin, Summon Plant, Summon Monstrosity?

Finally, the summon spells each take turn in initiative immediately after the turn they were summoned, so you don't really sacrifice your turn waiting to do something.

In short, the wizard is not longer a conjurer of cheap tricks and summoning is back in a big way!

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