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Tasha’s Impact on the game

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Okay so with the upcoming release of tasha's there are a lot of new mechanics and optional changes being introduced and for the most part I think this is great and seems balanced. However any DM knows how important the wording of things are in D&D as it defines the game, so with that in mind I wanted to talk about the following with the D&D community.

The Soul Knife rogue subclass feature Psi-Bolstered Knack. (leak) When your nonpsionic training fails you, your psionic power can help: if you fail an ability check using a skill or tool with which you have proficiency, you can roll one Psionic Energy die and add the number rolled to the check, potentially turning failure into success. You expend the die only if the roll succeeds.

Now as I said wording is important and in the feature above this brings with it a number of potential issues. Not so much with the feature but what it is implying.

  1. It is a feature that calls out that a player knows with 100% clarity if they passed or failed a check.

This is important because most DMs don't tell players DC for checks, AC, ect they roleplay it out and a lot of them use a screen because of things like Insight, Perception, Stealth, Investigation. However this features wording changes all as its implying that players have the knowledge of if they fail or pass a check then and there which turns what could be uncertainty into a yes or no on checks which will not only take away from the fun of the game but can lead to players metagaming Example below.

  1. DM can I make an investigation check to search for a hidden door in this room?
  2. Sure roll me an investigation check (DM sets a hidden DC 15).
  3. 10 So did I find anything?
  4. Now normally this would be where a DM say something like, After spending some time searches you don't find any hidden doors in the room and the party would move on.
  5. But if the wording is correct in the leak it means DM will have to say something like this. You didn't find the hidden door, or you did find the hidden door.
  6. Taking away from the uncertainty of the party knowing if they missed something and it can and probably will cause players to metagame. Oh well I'd like to search again then.
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By having wording like that it also make using a DM screen kinda pointless to hide rolls because a player would now know if they failed or passed any checks they make.

As a DM I roll openly and tell my players the DC for most things but I also play in group myself and watch live streams. I have never seen WOTC run a game with this sort of mentality telling players if they passed or failed or what the DC for say a perception check is/was.

As a DM I get you can always tell players I'm running my game this way but if the majority of the D&D community DMs including WOTC staff are playing the game wrong wouldn't it be nice to know?

Anyway I just thought I'd open it up for disccusion to see what other DMs and even players to some degree think if this leaks wording in correct and that WOTC are implying that DMs may have been running the game wrong all this time.

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Personally I think either the leak is incorrect or that WOTC messed up its wording which does happen, there not perfect after all just look at Crag Cat being a CR1 beast on its first release. now its a monstrocity as it should be Spell turning on a moon druid at level 2…

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